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[KR Reactions] LZ vs IMT: "Bdd only died four times this entire tournament... I feel like he's died one too many"


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■ Picks and Bans

▷ Oh, what? Rascal?
└ Rascal finally makes an appearance. He showed up once during the Summer when Khan had a stomachache.
└ Maybe, Khan's playing conditions aren't too good right now. I saw him make a bad facial expression.
└ Finally, Rascal! The only thing remaining is GorillA's Lux support! 

▷FNC & GAM: "Longzhu, play better!"
└ sOAZ: "Ugh! Why isn't Khan playing!!"

▷Rascal is by no means a bad player. Don't underestimate him.
└ It's because we haven't seen him before.
└ His Solo Queue ranking is a single-digit number, so he shouldn't be terrible. But then again, it'll all depend on how well he has adapted to the team.
└ The one time Rascal made an appearance, LZ lost... although it was mainly PraY that underperformed. 
└ Let's wait and see.
└ We're just joking. We all know that Rascal is almost as good as Khan.

▷A Jayce ban? Is Rascal good on Jayce? Or did they mistake Rascal for Khan?
└ Jayce is Rascal's most played champion in Solo Queue. 
└ Get to your senses, Immortals!
└└ Rascal's most played champions are Camille and Jayce.

■ Match Begins

▷Bdd is roaming everywhere... and he still has higher CS than Pobelter...
└ It's because he's fully pushing his lane before roaming. That's why Taliyah is such a great champion.
└ That's the reason why Taliyah is being used so frequently in the current meta.

▷I never doubted Flame... he's the only hope for IMT.
└ He's dodging all of the Taliyah W. 
└ Can IMT actually do this...?

■ PrillA Dies in the Toplane

▷ Woah, IMT!
└ Their usage of TP was really good.

▷ IMT has the advantage in the late-game, right? They have two ADCs, two tanks, and a Lulu.
└ Yeah, but they're playing against LZ.
└ Comp-wise, sure. But they're up against LZ, so it won't be easy.

■ Pobelter Secures a Solo Kill on Bdd.

▷Pobelter? Bdd? Solo kill?
└ Pobelter!
└ God-belter... can't believe he killed Bdd.
└ I think this is the first time ever for Bdd to be solo killed. 
└ Bdd's KDA is dropping today... despite the win, I feel like he's died one too many.
└└ He only died 4 times over 3 games lol. It only seems like he died a lot because he's Bdd. 

▷???: "This is all a lie! There's no way our Bdd could've been solo killed!

▷Rascal's performance seems off.
└ This might be his retirement game. He attempted to taunt 3 times, to which he failed all of them. 
└└ LZ fans are going to be so angry lmao.
└└ If LZ loses this match, they're gonna receive so much flak lol. 

▷FNC just might cry. Imagine how they would feel watching LZ lose because Rascal is playing in place of Khan. 
└ Agreed.
└ FNC fans are going to be so angry.
└ If LZ loses this, Rascal is not only going to be rebuked by fans from KR, but fans from EU as well.

▷Why is Rascal being trashed on? He's not even playing that badly - he just looks bad because you guys are comparing him to Khan... I mean, his taunts were pretty bad though.
└ LZ's unique team color just completely disappeared. 
└ To Shen, landing his taunt is the most important.

▷Fnatic must be super worried right now.
└ Just saw Fnatic's locker room from the cam. They actually look very confident and peaceful.
└└ Do you know why? They lost like that too.
└└ Faith in the "LCK" lol.

▷Look at Shen freely moving around.
└ Rascal's escape was clean.
└└ He played that really well.
└└ His mechanics are pretty good, proven by how he is dodging so many skills.

■ LZ wins a teamfight in midlane.

 ▷PraY is PraY. He's insane.
└ Janna has Mikael's, so Sejuani can't even rush in. PraY is just openly beating down on IMT's frontline due to it. 
└└ With a Varus? I don't think I'll ever be able to pull something like that off.

▷Same as the 1st round. IMT stays strong due to Flame, then just collapses entirely. 
└ NA's macro always seems to be really off...
└ Pobelter is playing beyond my expectations though. 
└ That 'Feast' could've gone so much better.
└ If Cody Sun played better, IMT would've already had 3 wins...
└ Fnatic: *Smiles*

▷Strictly speaking, Rascal isn't playing that well. Why? IMT has a lackluster ADC, so LZ should've won every single teamfight convincingly. But due to the skill gap in toplane, they're being equally matched. Just now, Cody Sun tried to DPS in a situation where he's better off not; to backing off when his tanks finally arrive and letting PraY DPS freely.
└ At least he's not making critical mistakes. I'm satisfied.
└ If Cuzz was well-covered for, IMT would've won this pretty convincingly. Cody Sun's champion has great DPS, but the player piloting that champion has bad DPS.
└ Yeah, Rascal isn't playing super bad, but seeing him play, especially in the botlane when he made that escape, you can clearly see the skill difference between him and Khan.
└└ I'm not saying he's playing terribly. I'm saying he's not playing well. Just playing like an average player. But if it was Khan, it wouldn't have been average.
└ He's using his W skill well to block out the Trist damage.

■ After the Baron Teamfight.

▷ Why is the game so chaotic lol.
└ Janna's ultimate was amazing. Bdd lived though he should've died.
└ PraY is playing out of his mind. He's outputting so much DPS.
└ FNC players must be smiling now. "Thank you, LZ."
└  Xmithie and Cody Sun are playing really badly...
└ They should've just went for the Baron... 
└ Cody Sun is just being Cody Sun.

▷Cho'Gath shouldn't have gone for the Knight's Vow, and instead, should've gone for an item for himself. The meta may revolve around the ADC this time around, but if your ADC is very bad at positioning and DPSing, it's meaningless.
└ Agreed.
└ The jungler and ADC are playing really badly... I feel bad for Flame and Pobelter.
└└  If I was Pobelter, I would've thrown my mouse.

▷This is the true form of "NA's 2nd week"... maybe TSM will meet the same fate?
└ It's possible.

▷PraY dealt 62k damage... that's almost just as much as Pobelter and Cody Sun's damage combined. 
└ In the end, League of Legends is all about DPS. Why can't Tristana and/or Corki deal damage? Varus is right in the front fighting, just hit him! You have long range, too!
└ If LZ wins the tournament, Rascal is going to secure his very own skin. Let's go LZ!
└ The skills of the best ADC in the world.
└ King-God PraY, a player who has it all; looks, skills, and personality. 
└ In the end, PraY dealt 76k damage. Is this real life?
└└ I honestly thought he was going to be weak due to his item build path. I was wrong. 

▷Congratulations to LZ. They won all of their games.
└ Rascal has 100% K/P.
└ PraY is incredible... This doesn't make sense. His form exceeds that of a normal human being. His "class" is out of this world!

▷???: "PraY is the BEST ADC in the world. He's also the most handsome. If you disagree, your toplaner in Solo Queue will be sOAZ.

▷???: "As promised, I brought my 100k arrows." - Varus' DPS was incredible.


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