GEN Peyz on Peanut reaching 600 LCK games: "It’s amazing that he has played that long. I want to play that long too."


On Jul. 2, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, Gen.G faced Hanwha Life Esports. Gen.G was on an undefeated streak throughout the season, and it didn’t stop today, as they swept Hanwha Life Esports 2-0. After the match, head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin and bot laner Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan joined the media for an interview.



Congrats on the 8-game winning streak. How do you feel?


Score: There’s only one game left in round 1, and we’re still undefeated. I never expected us to do so well when we started the season. I hope we can keep it up and finish round 1 undefeated.


Peyz: We’re doing alright, but if we improve a bit more, we’ll be able to extend our winning streak even longer.


Can you tell me which things were satisfying and unsatisfying about today’s game?


Score: The most satisfying moment was when Doran positioned himself forward during a dragon fight with the Stopwatch. He pulled in all the opponents with it, and we were able to have a huge teamfight win. That teamfight went really well. On the other hand, our overall performance wasn’t as good.


What do you want the players to fix?


Score: The players sometimes make mistakes that they don’t make when we practice. I hope they reduce those small mistakes.


(To Peyz) You’re getting better and better. It doesn’t seem like you’re a rookie. Compared to spring, what do you think you improved?


Peyz: I think I did improve individually, but what’s more important is my teamwork and synergy with the support. It’s getting better and better the more we play, and that’s probably why I’m playing better.


(To Score) The bot duo is doing really great. What do you think?


Score: Early in the spring split, the rookies didn’t have much experience, and they had to work their way into the team regarding macro and teamwork. Now, they have much more experience, and their synergy is great. They’re one of the top five duos in the LCK, so I’m really proud of them.


Peanut has played his 600th LCK game. Any words to him?


Score: Players have to maintain their performance to stay active for so long, and Peanut is still improving. I hope he continues to break more records.


(To Peyz) Watching Peanut set a milestone, do you get motivated to set your own?


Peyz: It’s amazing that he has played that long. I want to play that long too. Peanut can still play for a long time, so I want to do well with him.


(To Score) You also had a long career. When you see someone like Peyz, who improves really fast, what do you think?


Score: Many players’ performance changes depending on how they feel, but Peyz is really consistent. He calmly does what he needs to do, regardless of the situation.


Any tips to give as a former bot laner?


Score: [Laughs] It’s true that I used to be a bot laner, but since Peyz is much better, there’s nothing to say.


Gen.G has been one of the favorites for a long time. Compared to the summer season last year, do you think the current roster is stronger?


Score: The bot duo has changed. Last year, the team was strong based on individual proficiency. Now, the rookie duo goes together with the team well, and the experienced players look after them well. We’re strong as a team now.


Your last opponent for round 1 is LSB, and the first opponent in round 2 is T1. Do you think you can keep the winning streak running?


Score: If we can maintain our top performance, we can beat any team whether it’s LSB or T1. However, if our performance drops, we can lose to both of them. We’ll practice to maintain and improve our performance.


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