DRX Deft: "Keria once promised me that he’ll help me win Worlds. It’s time for him to keep his promise."


DRX had one hell of a run at Worlds 2022. From 6th place in the Summer split to making the miracle run at the regional qualifiers, they started their run in the play-in stages. Then, they made it to groups, took the reverse sweep against EDG in the quarterfinals, and beat Gen.G 3-1 for the first time in the 2022 season. Their miracle run now comes to a huge finale in the finals, where they will be facing T1 at the Chase Center, San Francisco.


DRX joined various media outlets around the world to answer questions in their post-match press conference.

[To Deft] There’s a lot of speculation on what your 2023 season would look like. Do you think that this year will be your last chance in lifting the trophy?


I haven’t thought about what I’m going to do next year. Right now, my focus is on the upcoming finals.


[To Zeka] The mid-jungle duo performed phenomenally in this series. What’s changed after the game 1 loss?


We made minute mistakes in game 1 due to nerves. We recalibrated, and Gen.G’s drafts went the way we anticipated. We gained confidence in that and were able to play our game.


[To Deft] This year’s finals is parallel to how it was in 2017. Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong, a player that was overshadowed by Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, managed to take the upset victory and crown himself champion that year. Do you think you’ll be able to repeat history?


I remember Ambition playing very well and win the finals in the 2017 Worlds finals. I’ll make sure to play well and win.

[To Kingen] As you’re aware, there was a huge crowd for today’s match. How did you overcome the pressure of being on the big stage?


We were spectating the T1 vs JDG match in the spectator seats, and I think absorbing how loud the crowd was in that match helped us today. Truth be told, I wasn’t that nervous, because everyone had the mindset of enjoying the moment. 


[To Ssong] Leading up to today’s series, DRX was 0-13 against Gen.G. What was the mindset heading into today’s match?


Gen.G’s a strong team, but we also kept improving. We were confident that we could beat any teams that stood in front of us, so there wasn’t any pressure on our shoulders.


[To Ssong] Did having so many fans in the crowd help DRX’s performance? How will the team prepare for the finals against T1?


I’m grateful so many fans were there to support us in the crowd. I heard that there were a lot of people supporting our journey upwards, and I think having those fans on-site really helped get rid of our nerves. As for the finals, it’s just another day at the job. We’ll make sure to prepare well for it.

[To Zeka] DRX took down so many strong teams on their journey to the finals. Along the way, I assume you experienced a lot in that journey as well. How do you feel right now?


It still feels surreal at the moment. They say that our run’s been an unscripted drama, and it’s not over just yet. Please stay tuned until our next episode.


[To Deft] After so many attempts, you finally made it to the Worlds finals for the first time in your career. What kind of a performance do you hope to put on at the finals, against T1?


It took a long time, but I’m thrilled that I finally made it. I hope that I’ll be able to perform like champions.


[To Deft] Ryu “Keria” Min-seok stated in an interview that, “If DRX makes it to the finals, I’ll make sure to beat them”. What would you like to say in response?


Keria once promised me that he’ll help me win Worlds. It’s time for him to keep his promise. I’ll make sure to win.


[To Zeka] Once again, you performed phenomenally, this time against Gen.G. How do you hope to perform against T1 in the finals?


My performance has been on the uprising ever since the regional qualifiers. My teammates have been performing really well as well. Watching T1 play their match against JDG made me think that they’re obviously a really good team, but they’re definitely beatable. I’ll make sure to not get complacent.


[To BeryL] You flared up a DWG KIA emote after you beat Gen.G today. How come?


I set up my emotes either last year or two years ago, and haven’t changed them since.


[To Pyosik] You were very proactive in the jungle against Gen.G today. Did you feel pressured to play on such a huge stage today? How do you foresee the jungle matchup against T1’s Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon?


There was a lot of pressure, and without the help of my coaching staff and my teammates, I wouldn’t have overcome it. As for the matchup against Oner, as long as the early game goes without any hitches, it’s definitely possible to beat them.

Photo via LoL Esports

[To Deft] With DRX moving onto the finals, the ‘Mapo High School’ derby has now been set on the finals stage. What is your relationship with Faker like? 


Both of us have been a part of a world where it’s all about winning and losing, so it’s hard to maintain a close relationship with him. As a pro player, Faker’s someone who deserves all the respect in the world. I’m thrilled to play against someone like him on the grandest stage of them all.


[To Pyosik] Kindred’s a champion you’re known for ever since your amateur days. How does Kindred bring advantages to DRX’s game plans?


I’m lucky that Kindred’s become useful in the current meta. She’s a champion that I’m most confident in, and I’m able to pressure the enemy team in a way where it’s very helpful to our team. 


[To Zeka] How do you feel on beating Gen.G after going 0-13 in the 2022 season against them?


We failed to beat T1 and Gen.G during the Summer split. We were worried, but we ended up beating all the opponents we couldn’t beat since the regional qualifiers. I’m thrilled that we beat Gen.G in the semifinals today.


[To Ssong] How do you look back on Pyosik’s growth this year, especially at Worlds?


Coach ‘Mowgli’ and I have been helping him a lot, but the biggest difference maker was in his own hunger to get better. He wanted to prove himself through the opportunity he was given at Worlds, and I think he’s definitely evolved throughout the journey.


[To Mowgli] What was some of the feedback that you gave Pyosik for the semifinals series against Gen.G?


I always thought that he was an explosive player, and that’s why he was very good on aggressive champions. When champions like Sejuani became meta, he worked really hard to get good on her. He improved a lot on things like keeping track of jungle camps and making in-game calls. He played a huge part in leading his team.


[To Kingen] You stated in a previous interview that a pro career has its ups and downs, and it finally plateaued for you. How do you look back on your 2022 season?


While I don’t remember what I exactly said, I do remember saying something like that last year. It was not easy for me even after I said that, and that’s what makes this moment more beautiful. This year has been magical because it’s been full of unbelievable events.


[To Ssong] T1 won the coin toss for the finals. How will it affect the series for DRX?


There are a lot of things that can be done on both sides. It sucks that we lost the toss, but it’s definitely doable. I always seem to lose the coin toss, so I hope that I get to win one next time.

[To Kingen] T1’s Zeus said that he’s cheering for you. How do you foresee the top lane matchup?


Zeus is young, but he’s playing phenomenally. There’s a lot to learn from him. Whatever happens, I want to put on a respectable performance.


[To Deft] Lastly, what’s your resolution heading into the finals.


It was a long and arduous journey to the finals, and without the fans, I wouldn’t have made it here. Worlds is a festival, so I’ll make sure to perform to live up to that hype.

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