[Article through the lens] Here's what happened at Uprising 2022, Korea's Smash major

From left to right: Gackt, Kept

There are two game titles within the current line-up of those in esports that I follow on two different temperatures. League of Legends, where my main job is to interview players and personalities within the LoL Esports scene, will always my main priority when it comes to my responsibilities. However, there's also Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a game I go watch when I want to take a break from League of Legends. Don't get me wrong, I'd say I'm just as passionate for SSBU as I am for League.


On Sep 4-5, a tournament in South Korea called Uprising 2022 took place, a gold event in the Smash World Tour circuit. Hosted by Core-A Studios, the South Korean major returned to its offline format in 3 years, as the last one was before the COVID-era. Despite travel restrictions, we saw major talent travel to Korea to compete in the tournament; major names like Gackt, a PG ranked player, and Kept, arguably the best Villager player in the world, have managed to travel from Japan to compete. Here's how the top 12 bracket went.



Welcome to Uprising 2022
On the right side of the venue, there were ladder matches taking place
And on the other side of the venue was the actual tournament [Top 12]
It was not long until the tournament reached its top 8 brackets
The guy in the white/orange is Lynzle, a top talent in the Korean scene
He reverse sweeps a series and pops off!
And has the crowd rushing the stage to celebrate his win!
The kid in white is a middle schooler named Ashen, somewhat of an online prodigy in the Korean SSBU scene. He's made a great impression for his play in the Korean scene
The two Japanese titans faced off twice in the top 8 bracket. The first time was in Winners Finals
And once again in Grands, Gackt [right] coming back to face Kept [left] from the loser's side
In the end, Kept beat Gackt both in WF and in GF and became the Uprising 2022 champion!
The champion takes to the commentator's desk for a post-victory interview
Members from the Korean community rotated in and out of the caster's desk. Here's some of the commentators that casted the top 12 bracket
Here are some of the organizers that successfully hosted Uprising 2022. Definitely looking to come back next year as well. Thank you Core-A Studios!

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