GEN Chovy: "If we lose, it’s the coach’s fault, but if we win, all credit goes to the players. You know how this works, right? [laughter]"

On Aug. 28, in the 2022 LCK Summer Finals, Gen.G swept T1 3-0 and became the summer champions. It was the first championship Gen.G won since 2014, when they won the spring split as Samsung Galaxy Blue. After the match, the team joined the media for a press conference. The following is a full translation of the press conference.


Thoughts on the victory tonight?


Score: This is my first year as a head coach, and I was blessed with hard-working players and coaching staff. We all led each other to the championship victory. I’m thrilled.


Mafa: I’m thrilled that we won 3-0 tonight and became champions. The goal is to bring back the Summoner’s Cup back to the LCK, so we’ll continue to work hard until we do.


Doran: I’m very thrilled that we took a clean 3-0 victory, and satisfied with how we got our revenge for our loss against T1 in the Spring split.


Peanut: I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to win 3-0 against T1, but I think the results showed how meticulously we’ve prepared for tonight’s match. We still have Worlds left, and there were games that were and weren’t perfect tonight, so we’ll continue to improve.


Chovy: I lost a lot to T1, so I’m very satisfied that we beat them 3-0 tonight.


Ruler: We went through a lot, but I’m thrilled that we won tonight. I’ll make sure to do well at Worlds this year as well.


Lehends: I’m happy and grateful that I get to stand at the top with the best teammates. I’ll make sure to live up to the fans’ expectations at Worlds as well.

[To Score] Gen.G’s drafts felt fearless against T1. Tell us about the draft.


Score: The coin toss took place right after T1’s victory against DWG KIA, so we knew that we were going to play from the red side in game 1. We strategized our draft with that in mind, and managed to execute right from game 1, so the rest of the series felt like there weren’t any hitches with the rest of our draft.

[To Chovy] Now that Gen.G’s confirmed 1st seed for Worlds, are there any teams that you think will be your biggest adversaries?


Chovy: I was busy preparing for the finals, so I didn’t get a chance to take a look at the other teams. My usual thoughts are that the LPL teams are pretty good, so LPL as a region are on my radar.


Lehends, you shed tears after the victory in game 3. What was on your mind at the time? Also, what led you to pick Singed for game 2?


Lehends: It was my first time winning a championship title, and I remembered all the hard times I went through, so I got emotional. In terms of Singed, I always had it ready, but Ruler didn’t let me play him. However, he gratefully let me play Singed tonight.

[To Score] From the head coach’s perspective, what was the biggest reason behind Gen.G’s victory tonight?


Score: I saw just how good the players are in the Spring split, and the fact that we attempted to pull off various drafts in preparation for the Summer split led to the meta fitting for us. I think that was huge.


[To Ruler] Now that you’ve won tonight, what’s your most memorable moment in your pro career?


Ruler: There was quite a bit going through my head, but I remember 2019 the most vividly. I met with the fans after the 2019 Summer split, and at the time, I was sad, felt sorry, and wanted to give up. However, the fans cheered me on even when I lost, so I told myself to never feel like this and play my hardest in every game. That’s when I grew as a person.


[To Chovy] You stated in numerous interviews that T1 was an obstacle you had to overcome, so tonight’s victory must be more meaningful. How does your pro career change after tonight’s victory?


Chovy: Now that we beat T1 when it really mattered, I don’t think I’ll feel the pressure of having to play them. As for my career, it’ll depend on how hard I work, and I plan to only continue working harder.

[To Chovy & Lehends] Both of you said that you’ll blame Score if Gen.G lost. Is there anything you’d like to say to him tonight?


Chovy: If we lose, it’s the coach’s fault, but if we win, all credit goes to the players. You know how this works, right? [laughter] I’ll be expecting my gift.


Lehends: I agree [laughter].


Score: I think they’re very well mannered, so I’ll gift them some hard-hitting love [laughter].


[To Peanut] You once stated in an interview to never forget what was discussed with your teammates after the Spring split; What was discussed, and what kind of effect did that have up till tonight?


Peanut: At the time, we may have lost the Spring finals, but we still had more matches to play in the LCK, so we said a whole bunch of things to boost our morale. The things I remember saying were about how lucky we got to make it to the Spring Finals, most of whom were aiming to win their first LCK title. We told ourselves that we got lucky in coming across such an opportunity, and promised ourselves to make the same opportunity for ourselves in the Summer split, as well as to win so that we don’t have regrets.


[To Doran] How much did Peanut help with the top lane matchup tonight? Also, you said that because you didn’t sing tonight as you promised, you’ll be back with something better. What is that?


Doran: Whenever the enemy jungler pathed top side, Peanut made some good calls to avoid ganks. In terms of the singing [laughter], I made a mistake by making a pledge like that, so I keep getting asked this question. I’ll need to be careful with my pledges next time, and as for the content, I’ll discuss with my team and let the fans know.


[To Score] During the draft today, as soon as you let Yuumi through the bans, T1 picked her. What did you think?


Score: We thought Yuumi is one of the top-tier champions, so we thought T1 could pick her. Since we prepared a strategy just for that, we had no concerns.


[To Score] You won the LCK as a player and now as the head coach. Did your long LCK career help you serve as the head coach? What does a player need to win the championship?


Score: I played many games as a player, and I did win the championship once near the end of my career. Obviously, since that experience is also working within an esports organization, it did help.


Players need many things to win the championship, but the first is capability, and the second is cooperation - being able to support each other.

[To Ruler] You won Worlds back in 2017, when it was bot lane meta. The meta this season was also focused on bot lane, and you won the LCK championship. Are you confident of winning Worlds again?


Ruler: The biggest difference between ‘17 me and now is that I used to play just according to what the other players told me to do. Now, I’m more proactive as well as listen to my teammates. I believe I can beat a lot of bot lanes at Worlds as I did in the LCK, winning the games with my teammates to show a great performance there.


Any last comments you’d like to tell the fans?


Lehends: We finished today with a win. I think it’ll be a great memory for the fans as well as us players. I’ll do my best so that we can make you more great memories.


Ruler: As much as we wanted to win the championship, the fans would have wanted it too. It would have been impossible if it weren’t for the fans. Thank you. We still have Worlds to go, so I’ll keep practicing to return with an even better performance.


Chovy: I’ve always wanted to show the fans good things. I’m happy that I’ve finally done it. I’ll do my best so that I can keep showing the fans my best.


Peanut: I’d like to say two things to the fans. First, I’d like to thank my fans who supported me even when I underperformed so much in ‘19. I was able to play well again thanks to you. Secondly, I promised the fans when I joined Gen.G in ‘19 that I’ll make Gen.G win a championship. I’ve been to another team afterward, but I did keep my promise now. Thank you for cheering for us.


Doran: Whether I win or lose, the fans empathize with me. Since I’ve proved myself by winning the championship today, I hope my fans can cheer for me with an easier mind.


Mafa: Since a lot of fans cheer for the players and Gen.G so that we can be happy, I’d like to pile on and find ways to make these players happy as well.


Score: The fans who cheered for Gen.G would have always thought that we are a team that has a chance to win the championship. Now that we’ve won the championship, the fans can be proud for cheering for us for a while.

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