Ruler: "As someone who's won Worlds before, I know just how good it tastes to win it."

On Aug. 28, the grand finals of the 2022 LCK Summer Split were held. The finals were between Gen.G and T1, and it was Gen.G who were crowned the champions with a clean 3-0 sweep. It was the first LCK championship for most of the Gen.G players, as the only player that won an LCK championship before was Han “Peanut” Wang-ho. The players were emotional after they won as they joined Caster Jeon “Jun” Yong-jun for an interview.


Isn’t this kind of interview a first for you?

Doran: It is [laughter]

Let me first ask you, Doran. How do you feel right now?


Doran: Everything looks very blissful right now, and… I don’t know. I just feel good right now [laughter].

When did you know that you’re going to win tonight?


Doran: I’ve never once got complacent. When we kept winning teamfights in game 3 and got our momentum to destroy T1’s Nexus, that’s when I realized that we’re going to win.

Are you going to sing for us tonight, just like you promised?


Doran: I don’t know about singing right now… [Laughter] I’ll be back with something fun. Sorry.

Peanut, how many domestic titles do you have now? Do you remember all the teams you won on?


Peanut: I think it’s four now. I remember them all.

You’re now one of the older members of the team. Thoughts?


Peanut: I remember the older players always motivating to strive for the better. A culmination of their efforts is what led to tonight’s championship victory. 

What did you talk about with the members before the finals tonight?


Peanut: I just told them to work hard to make the right opportunity, and never put ourselves in a situation of regret. That was tonight, and everyone kept the promise.

Chovy, I missed six opportunities to ask you this question. How do you feel about capturing your first LCK championship victory?


Chovy: I finally got to stand here tonight, and shed the image of being a titleless player. I’m thrilled. It’s all because of the fans’ continued support that I made it this far. Thank you.

Ruler, you also captured your first domestic title. Have you prepared a winner’s interview for today?


Ruler: Nope [laughter]. I can’t believe this is real right now. I knew our chances of winning were high, so I’m thrilled right now.


As Gen.G’s franchise star, is there anyone that comes to mind right now?


Ruler: I want to thank my parents and everyone at the org. Interviews like these are hard [laughter]. There are a lot of things I gained and lost while playing as a pro, but I feel there’s more that I gained this season over the things that I lost. I’m very thrilled.

Lehends, you were crying after you won. Did my eyes deceive me?


Lehends: [Laughter] I feel really good right now. I feel that I can play better, but right now, I’m grateful for everything.

Who do you want to thank right now?


Lehends: I first want to say thank you to my parents, as well as my friends who couldn’t make it here tonight. I want to also tell my 2017 self to keep working hard; success will follow. I also want to apologize to the fans who had to wait patiently for me to finally win a title. Gen.G will continue to aspire for higher heights.

Score, you won a title rather quickly as head coach. You managed to lead a team into championship victory in just two splits. How do you feel?


Score: This year’s my first year as head coach; players were all friendly, communicative, and just good people in general. I really hoped that their efforts would be rewarded, so seeing them happy to win a title tonight makes me thrilled.

What do you want to tell your teammates?


Score: Everyone worked very hard this split; not just the players, but also the coaching staff. I’m thrilled to see such results, and let’s continue to work hard.

Mafa, how about you?


Mafa: I couldn’t win a trophy with Score during my player days, but I’m really happy that I get to lift this trophy. I’ll enjoy the rest of the day, then it’s straight back to work until we win Worlds.

Lastly, what’s your resolution for Worlds?


Score: I think we made everyone aware of just how good we are. We want to be the best team internationally as well, so we’ll work hard to prove just how good we are at Worlds this year.


Peanut: Maybe it’s because we won 3-0 tonight, or it’s because I’ve won championship titles before, but I’m still thirsty for more. That’s why I’ll continue to work hard to win Worlds this year as well.


Chovy: I think we can win Worlds. I’ll make sure to return with great results.


Ruler: As someone who's won Worlds before, I know just how good it tastes to win it. I’ll make sure to win it this year with my teammates.


Lehends: This is my second time at Worlds; as long as I listen to Ruler well, I think we’ll win Worlds. I’ll make sure to do that.


Doran: I’m thrilled that we won right now, but all this Worlds talk makes me hungry to win Worlds as well. I’ll make sure to bring back great results.

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