GEN Score: "When I watched Worlds from the army, I was so jealous..."


On Aug. 20, Gen.G defeated Liiv SANDBOX 3-1 and reached the 2022 LCK Summer Finals. With the win, they also secured a spot at the 2022 LoL World Championship. For Gen.G head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin and jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, reaching the finals and Worlds was meaningful. They looked exhausted but happy. After the match, they joined the press room to chat with the media.



Congrats on reaching the finals and Worlds. How do you feel?


Score: We reached the finals through today’s win. Whenever I get to the finals, I feel so good and happy.


Peanut: I thought it wouldn’t be an easy game today. We were able to win because we turned around game 2. I’m also very glad to be on the finals stage again.


Although you lost game 3, it was a nice 3-1 victory. How would you evaluate today’s match overall?


Score: Our composition didn’t have the initiative in games 2 and 3, but the players endured well. It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to finish game 3 cleanly, but the players’ performances overall were really great.


Peanut: What I liked about today’s match was that we didn’t avoid fights. On the other hand, when we needed to avoid fights, we did that well to get to the late game. What’s regretful is that we overextended in game 3, thinking we won.


Your opponent for the finals will be decided tomorrow. Which team do you think you’ll meet?


Score: I think T1 has a better chance of reaching the finals. However, whoever makes it to the finals, we’re confident that we can win.


Peanut: I also think T1 will reach the finals, but since DWG KIA also reached the semis after a full five-game match, they have the strength to get through. Personally, I hope Kellin and deokdam do well.


You reached Worlds in your first year as a head coach. How does that feel?


Score: After I finished my military duty, I returned to the LoL esports scene as a coach. I’m thrilled to go to Worlds in my first year. When I watched Worlds from the army, I was so jealous, so I’m ecstatic to go. Since I’m a rookie as a head coach, the coaching staff and players did very well so that I could go.


(To Peanut) How about you? How do you feel about getting to Worlds?


Peanut: I’m also very happy that we’ve reached Worlds. Actually, two days ago, we discussed which team to choose for today, and I said let’s pick DWG KIA, because I wanted to face them without thinking about Worlds. When I heard that we secure Worlds if we win today, I changed my mind. I’m so glad that I did. I’m so excited to have reached the finals and Worlds.


You would have prepared to face Liiv SANDBOX today. What did you focus on the most?


Score: We thought most teams have the same idea about the champions’ tiers, so we mainly focused on having unpredictable drafts.


Have you considered Nilah as well?


Score: Nilah often appears in top-tier solo queue and scrims, so we thought she could be picked whenever. We were also considering using her in certain situations, but that situation didn’t come.


Why did you ban her in game 4?


Score: They didn’t pick a bot lane champion until the first phase, so we thought if we ban her, they wouldn’t have a good champion to play.


When you won LCK in 2018, a lot of people were moved. If Gen.G wins the championship this year, what does it mean to you?


Score: The fact that I have a chance to win a championship as soon as I started my coaching career is an honor and a great fortune. This doesn’t just go with me, but the whole organization goes through a lot getting here, and the only way of being compensated for that hard work is to win the championship. I want to win so that the players are compensated well for their hard work.


Any last comments?


Score: As we reached the finals, we were given a chance to show a good performance there. I’d like to show the fans us winning the championship through this opportunity. We’ve already reached Worlds, so I want to engrave in the fans’ minds that Gen.G is a very strong team.


Peanut: I’d like to thank the fans that cheered for us through the season until the finals. I hope that we can win the championship and make this a great memory. I really want to win the championship.

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