GEN Lehends: "I personally think Amumu support is viable. Especially because he can now use his Q twice."

In the second match of day 8, 2022 LCK Summer split, Gen.G defeated Fredit BRION 2-0 and continued on their win streak. Gen.G picked Twitch tonight in game 1, a champion that hasn’t made a reappearance in the LCK after 736 days. When paired with Son “Lehends” Si-woo’s Yuumi, the bot lane seemed unstoppable.


The following is a post-match interview with Lehends.

How do you feel about the victory tonight?


I’m really happy that we won tonight. There were moments in game 2 where we misplayed a few times, but I think everyone played well.


Can you tell us more in detail about what went wrong?


Peanut died in the mid lane due to a wrong shotcall, and the decision making during the Herald fight was also disappointing. I’m a little disappointed in the fact that it feels like it’s my fault that Peanut died twice tonight. I feel very bad.


Although it’s only the beginning of the split, it feels as if you’re playing much better. How did you prepare yourself for this split?


Personally, I don’t think I am playing, but of course I’m practicing hard to play better. I appreciate the sentiment.


How do you rate the Amumu support that HLE played against DRX in the earlier match tonight?


I personally think Amumu support is viable. Especially because he can now use his Q twice.


Gen.G’s a championship contending team. What’s the last piece of the puzzle for Gen.G in order to be steps ahead of the other teams?


This might sound cliché, but I think that every one of us has to play better than we did in Spring. I think we’ll win if I’m better than I was yesterday.


Gen.G played Twitch-Yuumi in game 1. How does one need to play Yuumi in the laning phase?


As Twitch-Yuumi, the laning phase gets easy if they’re picked after the enemy picks their bot lane. However, we first picked her, and if you do, then the enemy will most likely pick a support with a lot of CC, like Rell and Nautilus. In that case, you have to be mindful of their skillshots.


There’s a lot of risk when you hop off a champion as Yuumi.


Yuumi’s dismount counts as a dash, so you can’t mount onto a champion when Poppy’s W is up. You have to check if any forms of CC, even item actives like Everfrost, are down. Then, you can bait out the enemy’s abilities through mount/dismount. I think you’ll play well on Yuumi if you keep these things in mind.


When do you take Luden’s vs Moonstone?


If you want to constantly pressure the enemy in lane, then I pick Luden’s Echo. Even Shurelya’s is good against certain champions. When the fights are extended, like playing against Ezreal for example, then I buy Moonstone.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


I’m very happy that we won 2-0 tonight. However, we still made mistakes tonight. I won’t get complacent and will always perform well for the fans. Thank you.

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