Pokimane x JiDion new video collab goes viral after harassment scandal

JiDion and Pokimane released a video together on Tuesday, following the revelation that the two have buried the hatchet after JiDion and his followers engaged in targetted harassment of Pokimane last month. The new fan AMA video has nearly 3 million views as of writing this article and is #2 trending on YouTube, showing the immense interest in the new collaboration between the two formerly beefing creators.



According to JiDion, he reached out to Pokimane on Discord and asked if they could meet up. They then recorded a video together, which they teased with a selfie of them eating chicken sandwiches together earlier this month. 


"I just don't want to continue to keep beefing with her," JiDion explained in the video.


The video showed a conversation between the two, answering fan questions from Twitter while they ate Chick-Fil-A. The conversation appeared friendly. Near the end of the video, Pokimane even said that next time JiDion is in town she would be interested in shooting more content with him. In response to a question, Pokimane also said she doesn't think he is sexist or a misogynist, though some of the things he said and did were sexist.



JiDion was banned from Twitch permanently in January after he told his followers to go harass Pokimane on her stream. At that time, JiDion revealed in the video, he was somewhat drunk. Not only did they harass Pokimane, they also harassed her fans, with many of JiDion's followers reportedly sending messages directly to people in Poki's chat. This ultimately led to Pokimane logging off for the night, followed by a permanent Twitch ban for JiDion for violating Twitch's hateful conduct policy.


However, the situation didn't end there, as JiDion and his followers continued to harass Poki via Twitter and Instagram live streams. Ninja even got involved, promising to reach out to Twitch to get JiDion unbanned, and then his wife Jessica Blevins threatened to sue Pokimane for defamation for pointing out the Ninja had said that. All of that would ultimately culminate in the mending of fences between JiDion and Pokimane, leaving the real loser in all of this Ninja, weirdly enough.



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