Pokimane and JiDion appear to mend fences with IRL meetup and AMA

Source: JiDion

Streamers Pokimane and JiDion, who have recently been at odds with each other, appear to have mended fences, with a new AMA posted to JiDion's channel, showing a picture of the two eating chicken sandwiches together with the caption "Ask me and Poki questions." Based on a cursory examination of the image, it appears to be legit. 


The new Tweet instantly gained instant traction on Twitter. It appears to signal the end of the beef between the two online content creators. 


JiDion was permanently banned from Twitch in January, after he sent his followers to Pokimane's stream to harass her and her fans. That interaction led to Pokimane being forced to log off early from her stream and receive continued harassment from JiDion's fan base over the course of the past several weeks on Twitter and Twitch. JiDion has since apologized for his actions and recently asked his fanbase to leave Poki alone, saying "If you rock with me you'll listen thanks."



It is possible that JiDion is angling to get unbanned from the platform with his apology and new Pokimane AMA/chicken sandwich meetup, but regardless of his motives, he appears to be making a genuine effort to fix his relationship with Pokimane and her fans. That is, assuming the image is real.

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