Ninja's team threatens to sue Pokimane for defamation

On Monday, Pokimane published a DM from Jessica Blevins, wife of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, in which Blevins threatened legal action against Poki for calling out Ninja over his support of Jidion, claiming that Poki's quoting a clip in which Ninja said he reached out to a Twitch rep was defamation. The situation started when Ninja said that he could help Jidion by sending a message to his Twitch rep on stream, ultimately concluding by saying "alright, I'll do it" and then saying "alright, I sent the text."



Pokimane's comments that sparked the legal threats from Ninja's team were: "Ninja then keeps joking about it, says 'dijon is fucked' but that he will 'do whatever he can to help him' but 'don't expect too much'. He then says, verbatim, 'the most I can do is text my Twitch representative about this' then proceeds to do just that. Why Ninja would help someone evade a ban for harassing me? I have no idea."


In her DM, Blevins claims that Pokimane lied when she said that Ninja reached out to a Twitch rep to try to help Jidion get unbanned, despite the fact that Poki was quoting him. The ban in question took place after Jidion sent his fans to harass Pokimane on stream last week.


According to Blevins, Ninja never reached out to a Twitch rep, despite claiming to have done that on stream, and ironically accused Poki of "bringing harassment" to Ninja for pointing out something that he said on stream. Blevins also called Poki's comments "defamation of character" and said she is "getting our legal team involved."



"You are spewing lies to tens of thousands of people," Blevins stated angrily. " You know Twitch, you claim you know his rep, then you know from them that Tyler NEVER reached out to anyone, and AGAIN, just said that to stop the harassment in his chat from Jidion's viewers."


Poki responded with a meme, and in a follow up stated: "I think Jessica is trying to say that Ninja PRETENDED to text his twitch representative, which i’m willing to accept and cannot disprove. I just wanted the clip out there to show what happened."

The drama surrounding Poki and Ninja comes after Ninja was gifted subscribers by Jidion the night that Jidion sent his viewers to harass Pokimane, eventually leading to her logging off for the evening and privating her Twitter due to the weight of their harassment. Ninja claimed on stream that he texted his Twitch contact to help Jidion on stream, a claim that Blevins has now withdrawn in a private DM that she showed to her chat on Monday.



"I am tired of feeling alone and scared," Poki said in comments to Mizkif, explaining why she posted the DM from Jessica on Twitter.


The situation is an odd follow-up to Jidion being permanently banned after he sent his viewers to harass Pokimane last week. His viewers not only harassed her but also harassed her viewers via Twitch whispers, eventually sparking Jidion's ban.


While Jessica Blevins claims that Pokimane referring to Ninja's clip is defamation, many are pointing out that Ninja himself claimed to have sent the message to his rep, so it is unlikely that defamation occurred, since it would require that the information she reported on be fraudulent. Considering Ninja claimed he did it, it is doubtful that any legal action would hold up to scrutiny.

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