JiDion permanently banned from Twitch for continuing to harass Pokimane after hate raid


JiDion has been permanently banned from Twitch after demanding his followers harass Imane "Pokimane" Anys during a stream. 


After returning from a short suspension for showing Avatar, Pokimane was forced to abruptly end her stream after just one hour due to a hate raid. A bunch of JiDion's followers suddenly invaded Pokimane's stream, harassing her chat. 


In response, JiDion was given a two-week suspension. But the streamer clearly didn't care. He had changed his profile picture to Pokimane and made an apology that was clearly sarcastic. 


"I love you, Poki! I love you! I love you!" JiDion cried out. "Poki, please, please, please. I love you. You are the best streamer ever, Poki. Please get Twitch to unban me. I was supposed to play f--king Fortnite with Ninja tomorrow. I'm on my knees like a Tier 3 sub. Please, Poki. Please." 



While JiDion's fans found the entire situation amusing, laughing at how "hard" he was "trolling" Pokimane with the raid and apology, Twitch was clearly not on the same wavelength. The streaming platform banned JiDion permanently soon after. In response, JiDion tried to get #TwitchFreeJiDion trending on Twitter. 


While it seemed like Keemstar unsurprisingly sided with JiDion, many people responded that he had "gone too far" and that his apology was "weak," saying he deserved to be permanently banned. 


Mizkif, Valkyrae condemn misogyny in gaming after Pokimane hate raid situation

Even though JiDion has attempted to make the situation into a joke, a lot of prominent streamers have stood up for Pokimane in this situation. Felix "xQ" Lengyel said that trolling shouldn't be focused on someone's gender while Mizkif said the situation was the result of ongoing misogyny, with nobody willing to stand up for Pokimane in fear of being called a "simp." 


YouTube Queen Valkyrae said: "“I am feeling pretty sad. The whole Poki thing that happened is so depressing that it’s been affecting me all day today. I feel so bad for her. And just the blatant harassment and misogyny, and how this dude just entirely benefits from it. I can’t stop thinking about it.”



"It's unfortunate how a creator who's content involves harassment and hatred ultimately gives them the attention and exposure the want at the expense of others," Valkyrae later tweeted. "Misogyny in this industry is not new and obviously not okay."


Valkyrae added that she has love and respect for Pokimane, who handled the situation calmly and professionally throughout. 



JiDion has continued to beg for forgiveness from Twitch, now claiming that he has learned from his mistake and will "Do better" in the future. Even his own fans questioned his rapid flip-flopping between standing by his "meme" and then saying it's a "mistake." Some of his fans, however, feel that JiDion doesn't deserve the permanent ban, calling streaming his "livelihood." 


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