Asmongold explains why Lost Ark is popping off: "It plays like Diablo, but it's a better game."

Asmongold explained why he thinks Lost Ark is seeing such a surprisingly high level of interest on Friday, after he pulled a record 400k viewers on his Lost Ark official launch stream, before the game even officially launched.


"This was just completely out of left field, I didn't expect it at all," Asmongold said, in regards to people's interest in Lost Ark. "I didn't think the game would be that big. [...] I never really thought Lost Ark would be as popular as it has been, but I think the reason people like the game, this is the simple f*cking truth, is that it plays like Diablo, but it's a better game."



He continued: "It has the visceral combat of Diablo, it has the systems and depth of Path of Exile, and it has the goofiness of Final Fantasy. There are a lot of people out there looking for that next new big game, I think that is what a lot of people want. That is what a lot of f*cking people want."


Lost Ark has received massive interest in the week leading up to its official western launch. It broke 1.27 million views earlier this week on Twitch, becoming the most-watched game on Twitch for Wednesday. The game was sitting at over 900k views in the lead-up to the official launch of Friday. The game features ARPG combat style, with other standard MMO features. It was developed by Smilegate and Amazon Studios, and based on its initial reception, it could very well be the next big MMO.

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