Lost Ark peaks at 1.27M on launch day, becomes most-watched game on Twitch

Source: Smilegate

Lost Ark is now the most watched game on Twitch. According to analytics website TwitchTracker, Lost Ark saw a viewership peak of 1,27M, the most for any game in the past two weeks. The peak occurred on Feb. 8 — the first day of the game's early access period — and as of Feb. 9 sits at 578,984 live viewers. 


Few games' recent viewership can compete with the figures Lost Ark is receiving. In the past month, only Minecraft has reached a higher viewership peak. Twitch users are also watching for extended periods of time, with the first day passing over 10M hours according to SullyGnome.


The game has been met with enthusiasm from streamers of multiple languages — with German, Korean, and Spanish-speaking streamers making up almost the same amount as English-speaking ones. Among the most popular streamers for the game include the Spanish speaking streamers Joaquin "Elxokas" Dominguez, Felipe "YoDa" Noronha, and Zack "Asmongold".



Asmongold has been by far the most popular streamer for Lost Ark. In his return to Twitch streaming, he maintained a sizeable portion of the game's total viewership — reaching a peak of 284,644 viewers. It was the first time that Asmongold had streamed on his primary channel since last September.  The most popular MMO streamer in the world has had similar instances before, such as his successful Final Fantasy XIV Online streams


Lost Ark has been one of the most hyped MMO releases in recent memory. The game was originally released in the South Korean region on Nov. 12, 2018.  The game will officially release in North America, Latin America and Europe on Feb. 11, 2021, though Smilegate and Amazon Studios allowed early access before then. The game focuses on exploration and PvE, but also includes PvP elements. 

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