Amouranth calls TV show Twitch meta "too risky" for her to join

Source: Amouranth/Twitch

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa called the TV show meta that has taken over Twitch in the past  few months "too risky" for her to partake in, in a recent interview with fellow content creator Ludwig Ahgren.



Ludwig talked to Amouranth about several topics, after watching some clips from the Vice documentary about Amouranth. One of the topics that came up was the TV show meta, which is content where huge streamers like xQc, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and others have been watching television shows such as Master Chef, Naruto, and other copyrighted shows on stream with their audience. Amouranth, however, has steered clear of this copyright infringement fiasco.


In response to Ludwig asking her why she hasn't watched Master Chef on stream, Amouranth explained, "I feel like, while people who have contracts with Twitch and stuff, or are favored heavily by Twitch, can get away with that. It’s too risky for me to do it." 


Ludwig appeared surprised that Amouranth didn't have a contract with Twitch, to which Amouranth replied: "If [Twitch doesn't] treat me right, [they] are gonna lose me."


Amouranth already walks the line on Twitch, and has been banned numerous times for her suggestive content, so it makes sense that she wouldn't poke the bear more than she already does.


How long will the TV show meta last on Twitch?

The TV-watching meta on Twitch has become a topic of controversy of late, with some streamers, including Ludwig, criticizing the practice, while xQc and those like him continue to uncritically engage in what can only be described as blatantly illegal content. In late 2021, djWHEAT, Head of Twitch Community Productions, even called out the practice, telling streamers who do watch TV and movies to "f*ck around and find out."


Gordon Ramsay, the star of Master Chef, even recently took shots are people watching his shows on Twitch yesterday. In a Tweet promoting his new show Next Level Chef, the famed chef and entrepreneur stated "See you next week! And if you missed tonight you can stream it on Twitc—seriously !?!? It’s on FOXNOW or @hulu soon Gx." 

While no legal action has yet been taken against most of the streamers who are violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, it seems to many experts like it will only be a matter of time before copyright holders come down on these streamers with copyright strikes. Which is why folks like Amouranth are steering clear, while others continue to wade deeper into the belly of the DMCA violating beast.



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