Gordon Ramsay asks "what the f*ck is Twitch," Twitch and xQc offer to explain

Source: Patrick Wymore/Fox

Famed chef, culinary entrepreneur, and television producer Gordon Ramsay Tweeted at Twitch on Sunday, asking Twitch for a lesson on what it is. The tweet comes after one of the contestants on his new cooking show Next Level Chef revealed that she is a Twitch chef, to which he responded, "what the f*ck is Twitch?" His ignorance of the platform caused a huge reaction online, which was magnified by the fact that his show Master Chef has been a dominant piece of content on the platform for the past few months.



In response to people meming about his question, Ramsay even changed his Twitter bio to "Always near food....doesn't know what Twitch is."


Ramsay's request that Twitch explain itself came in the form of a quote retweet of a comment from Eric Hamilton, who said it was amusing that Ramsay didn't know what Twitch was, considering so many streamers like xQc and others are watching his shows on the platform with their audiences. In response to Ramsay's request for a lesson, Twitch offered a lesson in streaming in exchange for a lesson in cooking, while xQc offered a "free rundown" which drew a response from the chef. 


xQc stated, "I'll give you a free rundown. Call me on my cell. America's next master streamer? PauseChamp." Ramsay replied to xQc's Tweet, saying "You mean Next Level Streamer" recentering the terminology for his new show, in response to xQc's reference to Master Chef.



All of Sunday's Tweets from Ramsay appeared as part of Ramsay's online promotion for his show Next Level Chef, which is a new cooking competition show that premiered over the weekend on Fox. That show sees Ramsay looking all across America for talented cooks and chefs, and having them compete together to find the next food sensation.


Ramsay's realization that Twitch is watching his shows could be alarming for the "Master Chef meta" which has dominated Twitch in the past couple of months. Should Ramsay take offense at the unlicensed streaming and redistribution of his material, he likely could have the entire endeavor of streaming his shows shut down. On the other hand, if he does actually speak with xQc as the above Tweet implies could happen, it is possible that Ramsay could be swayed to support streamers who are sharing his TV projects on the live streaming platform.


The news that Ramsay now knows about Twitch comes as streamers like Ludwig and Asmongold have laid out stern warnings for streamers who have been broadcasting television shows, warning of potentially disastrous content strikes if they are caught. Twitch head of Community Productions djWHEAT also said last week that the practice of illegally restreaming TV shows is "absolutely not okay" and told streamers to "f*ck around and find out" when it comes to this type of content. Despite these warnings, huge streamers have continued with their television-watching content.


Even if Ramsay and Fox okay the streaming of their IP, for whatever reason, the television streaming issue has expanded beyond just Master Chef. Streamers like xQc, Pokimane, and Disguised Toast, among others, have been watching all sorts of programs and anime, so far without much consequence. But that could change any day now, as TV producers become more aware of what the platform is and how it is being used.

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