Amouranth unbanned from Twitch after 3 days, Instagram and TikTok bans remain

Source: Amouranth

Amouranth was unbanned from Twitch on Monday after serving a three-day suspension from the platform. She remains banned on her main Instagram account and on her TikTok. 


The reason for her original ban on Twitch and a continued ban on other platforms remains unclear, though it's safe to say that it has something with the fact that she makes suggestive content for a living.


Amouranth made a video about the ban over the weekend, in which she sarcastically played innocent regarding the suggestive nature of her content, saying her content was family-friendly while promoting links to her OnlyFans.


The streamer joked: "It's kind of crazy if you think about it, Facebook and Instagram get hacked, then I get banned. Then Twitch gets hacked, and I get banned. It's almost like there is a trend here, a correlation between the two. Companies up in arms, lighting themselves on fire internally, but we still have time to ban Amouranth from both platforms."



Amouranth is well known for her unconventional form of erotic streaming, where she, for example, licks ASMR mics, while double recording with a version of herself telling her to stop. Or when she streams with a bird mask while scantily clad on a bed. She was a pivotal figure in the rise of both the Hot Tub Meta and the Suggestive ASMR Meta.


Amouranth has not yet commented on her Twitch unbanning as of publishing this article. 


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