[LCK Today] Gen.G finishes in 3rd place in the standings; DWG sets new records as they finish 1st.


On the 22nd (KST), day 44 of the 2020 LCK Summer split took place in an online format. Gen.G managed to take down Afreeca Freecs 2:0 to finish their regular split run in 3rd place, while DAMWON Gaming took down kt Rolster in a similar fashion. DWG finished their split with a 16-2 record and an 87.18% set winrate, setting a new record in the LCK.


Gen.G’s bot lane absolutely demolished AF’s bot lane. Life on Sett support proved to be AF’s downfall, once again. Starting with a solo skill in the laning phase, Life would even bait out the enemy bot laner when he was playing safe. While AF tried to turn things around the mid and top lane, the snowball from the bot lane was too much for AF to handle.


Game 2 panned out in a similar fashion as well. Ruler-Life’s Ezreal-Alistar successfully managed to set up a gank by baiting the enemy bot lane to take a clear lead. Once again, the snowball from the bot lane transitioned into the entire map, and Gen.G managed to take the easy win. AF lost all their matches against the top four teams, and finished their regular split run with a 10-8 record.



DWG managed to do ‘DAMWON things’ against KT. DWG managed to take many kills under their belt with the snowball from skirmish victories in the upper lanes. Canyon was definitely the key player of this game, as he managed to completely render KT right from the get-go. His precision on Nidalee was just jaw-dropping, as his Javelin Tosses and his usage of Nidalee’s cougar form completely outclassed Malrang.


Game 2 was even more one-sided, as they took down KT’s Nexus in the 20 minute mark. While KT looked as if they successfully defended against DWG’s early aggression, the global gold gap continued to widen, and DWG broke down KT’s defenses in teamfights. WIth this victory, DWG ends their regular split in first place, and heads to their very first LCK finals.




2020 LCK Summer split Aug. 22nd results


Gen.G 2 : 0 Afreeca Freecs

kt Rolster 0 : 2 DAMWON Gaming



2020 LCK Summer split standings


1st DAMWON Gaming 16-2 (+29)

2nd DRX 15-2 (+20)

3rd Gen.G 14-4 (+19)

4th T1 12-5 (+13)

5th Afreeca Freecs 10-8 (+1)

6th kt Rolster 7-11 (-7)

7th SANDBOX Gaming 7-11 (-8)

8th Team Dynamics 5-12 (-11)

9th Hanwha Life Esports 1-16 (-27)

10th SeolHaeOne Prince 1-17 (-29)

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