[LCK Today] GEN and T1 tied at 3rd place with win over SB and AF


On the 13th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming played Gen.G, and T1 played Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split.


SANDBOX Gaming upset Gen.G in the first game. Starting with first blood and taking the Rift Herald, SANDBOX Gaming scored first, disabling Gen.G from snowballing through their composition. Gen.G didn't go down easy. Through Kim "Life" Jeong-min's Gragas' engage, Gen.G won the dragon fight at the 18-minute mark. However, Moon "Route" Geom-su's started to show why Caitlyn was strong in the recent meta. As SANDBOX Gaming put in everything to protect Caitlyn, they won the late game teamfights and were able to destroy Gen.G's Nexus.



Gen.G had revenge on the first match that went wrong for them. Although they gave up Caitlyn again in the draft, they snowballed through the priority on the top side. Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong’s Azir pushed the lane hard, and Kim “Clid” Tae-min’s Volibear was dominant in all parts of the map. Prior to the fourth dragon, SANDBOX Gaming nearly turned the game around, killing four champions and securing Baron. However, it wasn't enough to take down Gen.G. At the next dragon fight, Bdd's Azir tossed up the whole SANDBOX Gaming squad from behind and won the teamfight. That was the end of the game.


Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee’s Renekton blew a giant hole in top lane in game 3. Although he died first, he picked two solo kills on Park “Summit” Woo-tae’s Gangplank. From that point, Gangplank wasn’t able to stop Renekton on his own. Gen.G started to snowball the priority in top lane to the other parts of the Rift and nothing SANDBOX Gaming was able to stop them. With that, Gen.G collected their 12th win of the season.



Game 1 of the match between T1 and Afreeca Freecs went extremely well for T1. From the early game, Moon "Cuzz" Woo-chan's Volibear took priority in the jungle. T1 secured the first blood through Volibear's bot gank, and collected more benefits as the game went on. At the Rift Herald, T1 gathered up and scored an Ace. Through that win, Kim "Canna" Chang-dong's Lucian and Park "Teddy" Jin-seong's Senna scaled massively. After securing Baron near the 30-minute mark, T1 dominated the teamfight at the dragon and concluded the game right away.



Cuzz played Sett confidently in the jungle in game 3. T1 collected kills wherever he went, and T1 took the lead without any trouble. Not only that, Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon’s Zoe again showed the performance that put his name on the board. The difference was already quite big at 20 minutes. After an Ace in front of Baron, they ended the game. T1 collected their 12th win, tying themselves with Gen.G at 3rd place through this victory.



2020 LCK Summer Split August 13th Results


SANDBOX Gaming 1 : 2 Gen.G

T1 2 : 0 Afreeca Freecs


2020 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st DAMWON Gaming 13-2 (+23) [PO]

2nd DRX 13-2 (+17) [PO]

3rd Gen.G 12-4 (+15) [PO]

3rd T1 12-4 (+15) [PO]

5th Afreeca Freecs 8-7 (+1)

6th kt Rolster 6-9 (-6)

7th SANDBOX Gaming 6-10 (-9)

8th Team Dynamics 4-11 (-11)

9th Hanwha Life Esports 1-13 (-21)

10th SeolHaeOne Prince 1-14 (-24)

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