[KeSPA Cup] GEN Ruler: "It’s too early to say that we're the favorites. Our synergy isn’t that good yet, so we need more practice."


On the 29th (KST), Gen.G Esports defeated Team Dynamics in the 2019 KeSPA Cup ULSAN. As one of the favorites going into this competition, Gen.G didn’t have much trouble shutting out Team Dynamics. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk showed prominent performance in the bot lane, playing Miss Fortune and Senna. After the match, Ruler spared some time for an interview.


Happy birthday! How do you feel winning today’s match?


Game 1 was a bit difficult because the opponent’s composition was quite good. It’s a relief that we did well.

Will you be having a party afterward, celebrating today's win and your birthday?


CoreJJ came today; I think I’ll be having dinner with him.

How have you been during the break?


We didn’t have that long of a break. I’ve been practicing a lot playing solo queue. Actually, our season ended rather early. We had a vacation then, but I was practicing during the past two months.

The Rift changed a bit. How is it?


It doesn’t seem that different. I think it’s quite similar to before. The alley under bot lane doesn’t feel that different as well, since not that many people utilize it much whether it’s solo queue or tournaments.

KeSPA Cup is the first competition with your new teammates. How is the team atmosphere?


The atmosphere has been great since the day we first met. We all get along well and have fun together so it’s good. (Who’s the most talkative?) Our upper half is very talkative. They really really talk a lot.

Many people say that Gen.G has gotten a lot stronger. Some even consider Gen.G as the favorite.


I think it’s too early to say that we're the favorites. Our synergy isn’t that good yet, so we need more practice and more experience. Since we all had different styles in our own teams, we need some time.

Gen.G used to play towards the late game. Do you think it’ll change?


There still would be games in that style if necessary, but I think more games will be shorter. My teammates are talented players that are quite aggressive. I have faith in them.

You met former teammates, Kuzan and Rich today. Did you say anything before the game?


We just shared hellos.

In Game 2, Rich had a triple kill and had a little taunt motion. What did you think?


I said to myself, ‘Is he nuts?’ and thought I should kill him. (Laughs)

Did you talk with CoreJJ before the match?


CoreJJ came early, so I saw his new phone and just chatted like before. He had a few issues to talk about.

The LCK rosters changed a lot after Worlds. Is there a specific team that you’re looking out for?


I’m wondering how SANDBOX and KT would do. It seems that SANDBOX would be the hardest to play against. Their synergy seems really good.

How about the teams that reached Worlds this year?


Oh, I didn’t think of DAMWON since their roster didn’t change. My answer was for the teams that had their rosters changed.

The most recent international championship for the LCK was 2017 Samsung. Do you think LCK will do better in 2020?


The LCK teams could have still won 2018 or 2019. It’s just that other teams were better. I think LCK can bring back the title next year.

Your next match is against T1.


If we beat T1, we get to go to Ulsan. I want to win, and I want to get to Ulsan, so I’ll do my best to bring my peak performance.


Lastly, a word to the fans and your teammates?


I’d like to thank all the fans for always cheering for us. I’ll always put in my hardest work to show better and better performances, so please continue to cheer for us. To my teammates, no words are needed, since I have faith in them and know everybody’s working very hard.

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