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Basic Information
Name Griffon Blazooka Rarity 8
Attack 330 Affinity -20%
Slots 1 - -
Option Defense Bonus +15
DeviationHighCustom Mods3
Special AmmoWyvernsnipe
Required to Upgrade
Required Cost
Required to Upgrade
Xeno'jiiva Tail x2
Black Spiral Horn+ x3
Black Diablos Carapace x6
Dragonbone Relic x2
Ammo Types
Ammo Capacity Recoil Reload Special
Lv1 Normal Ammo 1 Auto Reload Normal Auto Reload
Lv2 Normal Ammo 5 Low Normal
Lv3 Normal Ammo 3 Average Slow
Lv1 Pierce Ammo 4 Low Slow
Lv2 Pierce Ammo 3 Low Slow
Lv3 Pierce Ammo 2 Average Slow
Lv1 Sticky Ammo 2 Average Slow
Lv1 Cluster Bomb 1 Low Very Slow
Lv1 Recover Ammo 1 High Very Slow
Lv1 Poison Ammo 3 Average Slow
Lv1 Paralysis Ammo 2 High Slow
Lv1 Exhaust Ammo 1 Auto Reload Slow Auto Reload
Wyvern Ammo 1 - Very Slow
Demon Ammo 1 High Very Slow
Tranq Ammo 3 Average Slow
Upgrade Tree
Griffon Blazooka

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