GEN Score: "We accomplished a three-peat, but this year isn’t over... We'll celebrate briefly and work hard to win Worlds too."


On Aug. 20, Gen.G and T1 faced each other in the grand finals of the 2023 LCK Summer Split. After fierce battles, Gen.G ended up on top with a 3-0 win and claimed their third straight LCK championship. After the match, Gen.G players joined the media for a press conference.



It’s a clean and perfect win. How do you feel?


Score: Before we got to the arena, I predicted a 3-0 win. The players did so well, so it happened. I’m thrilled to have achieved a three-peat in Gen.G.


Doran: I’m glad and happy that we all worked hard to achieve such a big accomplishment.


Peanut: I’m really happy. I am now the player with the second most LCK championships, and that pleases me the most.


Chovy: I feel good that we won the championship with a good performance.


Peyz: My teammates made me comfortable playing, so I’m really happy.


Delight: We all worked hard for this championship, so I’m delighted.


What was the main drive for you to win three straight championships? How confident are you for Worlds?


Score: We were able to win three straight championships since the players’ skills are amazing. They communicate well and understand each other well. I think it’ll be good if we’re considered one of the favorites. We haven’t done that well in international tournaments, but this time, we’ll prepare well and show a good performance.


You banned Azir, Neeko, and Xayah in all three games. What was the advantage of banning those champions?


Score: As we watched the playoffs, we thought T1 was really good on those champions. The bans worked out well, so we continued to do so.


(To Chovy) You’ve now won three straight championships. Do you think you’re opening a new era?


Chovy: I did win three straight championships, but I don’t think it’s a new era yet. I’ll keep doing my best so that I can be considered the best.



(To Delight) When you were finishing the last game, you said that you carried the team. What do you think about the MVP?


Delight: I did think I could have won, but I’m really happy about today’s match, so I’m happy that someone else won it.


Chovy: I wasn’t too aware about getting MVP, but after the match, I thought I did pretty well, so I kind of expected it.


(To Peanut) You’ve won six LCK championships. What are your thoughts about it?


Peanut: Back when I was in ROX, I did really well. I thought that I’d keep doing that well, but that was dumb. After I got back from the LPL, I’ve been on a good run. The most important thing is the mindset of wanting to become the best. I kept trying to become No.1. That’s how I was able to accomplish six championships.


(To Chovy and Peanut) Game 3 was full of ups and downs. How did you approach the game?


Chovy: There were moments where we fell behind, but we thought that we would win if we cut off their damage champions. We kept thinking how we could do that, and we found a way through our plays.


Peanut: Whenever we fought, we tried to see if we could kill their front line. We thought there would be fights around the objectives, so we decided that we’ll go for the damage dealers in those fights. That’s how we were able to show good teamfights.


You reached the finals first and watched T1 play KT. Did it help making your game plans? How was it different from the spring?


Score: As T1 won yesterday, we were able to see the patterns, so it was easier for us to get to them. We were able to see that they preferred Azir and Neeko. Last time, even though we came up from the decider match, our players had a wide champion pool, so it was advantageous for us to play on the day before to bring up our performance.


You predicted a 3-1 win on Media Day. You said that you thought you’d win 3-0 today. Was it because you saw yesterday’s match?


Score: Actually, when I got up this morning, I felt good and lucky. That’s why I thought we would win 3-0.


(To Chovy) You played K’Sante, Taliyah, and Sylas. They’re champions that aren’t quite meta right now. Did you pick them out of confidence? Between you and Doran, who’s a better K’Sante player?


Chovy: As several mid lane champions were banned, the tier list for mid lane changed. There were many ways I could use them if I did well. Since I practiced K’Sante a lot in solo queue, I’m the better K’Sante player.


Doran: I was going to be humble, but I changed my mind. [Laughs] I played K’Sante a lot in solo queue also, so I’m confident.



(To Doran) It’s your third championship, so it would be more meaningful for you. What does this championship mean for you?


Doran: The result is good, but more than that, I’m really satisfied with the process. I believe it’ll motivate me as I continue to achieve more in my career.


(To Chovy) The Asian Games are coming soon. You’ll be playing on the national team. How will you face the challenge?


Chovy: Obviously, I want to get good results and have a good memory. I want to win there and get the gold medal to elevate our country’s reputation. There’s nothing really to say but say that I’ll do well.


(To Peanut) In game 2, you successfully executed a mid gank early in the game. Was it planned or was it an impulsive decision?


Peanut: I thought Sejuani had the upper hand against Maokai in early game fights. When I went in, there was some luck, but luck happens to those who attempt. 


Any last comments?


Score: We accomplished a three-peat, but this year isn’t over. We still have Worlds, so we’ll celebrate briefly and work hard to win Worlds too.


Doran: I won’t be satisfied with today’s championship and prepare well for Worlds.


Peanut: The reason we were able to win the championship was that we had fans cheering for us. I’d like to say thank you to the fans, especially those who came to the arena.


Chovy: I’ll celebrate shortly, and since there are many more games to play, I’ll keep working hard so that we can keep on doing well.


Peyz: Thank you to the fans and my teammates. Let’s work hard and do well at Worlds!


Delight: Thank you always for cheering for us. This year isn’t over yet, so I’ll prepare well to show a good performance.


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