Ironmouse ends her subathon after 31 days with 171,806 subscribers



VTuber Ironmouse ended her subathon stream on Monday, after streaming for over 31-days without stopping. She ended up reaching the 3rd place all-time subscriber position, behind only Ninja and Ludwig who completed his own month-long subathon last year to earn the top all-time subbed to streamer title.



IronMouse has passed Critical Role to become 3rd in all-time Twitch subscriber count



Ironmouse signed off her subathon with an emotional speech.


"I have been lonely my whole life, I decided I wanted to do something with my life and didn't want to just fade away," she said after the timer ticked to 00:00. "I started doing this, and I feel like slowly through this I have been getting my life back and myself back. That is thanks to everybody. [...] And by everyone, I mean you guys too and everyone watching. [...] Thank you all so much for believing in me and thank you for supporting me, and thank you for sticking by me and putting up with my weird bullsh*t and putting up with me crying every 5-minutes because every time I do something out of the ordinary for me it overwhelms me. I just get reminded that I never could do that shit before, but now I can."

She continued: "I am happy and I feel strong, and I want to keep on going, and want to have more fun. So thank you guys so much, and I love you."


The VTuber passed numerous notable names on her rise to the top, including Amouranth, xQc, Critical Role, and of course many others. She saw tremendous support from her community as well as the broader streaming community, with numerous other VTubers and streamers joining her on her stream over the past month in support of her efforts.



Now that two of the top three all-time streamers got there with a subathon, it will be interesting to see if Ironmouse's latest subathon draws a renewed interest in uncapped subathons for creators in the near future.


DisguisedToast recently tried a new format called a viewerthon, where the stream ended when it fell below a certain number of viewers. That stream only lasted a few days. Ludwig also recently accidentally did a marathon stream, after promising to complete Elden Ring before ending his stream last week. xQc has flirted with the idea of a subathon in the past, but has yet to execute on the concept.


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