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It has been a turbulent summer for esports and the gaming industry. Whether its esports organizations struggling to keep revenue afloat or major developers looking to organically introduce their IP to esports fans, the hurdles facing our industry are both the same and radically different.

Massive in-person events are a luxury competitive gaming can't indulge in for the time being. Thankfully, the esports industry was already ahead of the curve when it came to working from home and live-streaming. IGEC is just one of the dozens of in-person gaming conventions, events, and tournaments that have adjusted in light of Covid-19, and we hope you enjoyed all of our panels leading up to our main event on June 30th and July 1st.


Now,  just nearly two weeks away, the third Inven Global Esports Conference has gone digital! Our virtual networking conference is supported by Brella.io's AI-powered networking tools that effortlessly connects you with other attendees matching your networking profile.

Are you a job seeker? Looking for investment contacts? Perhaps you are looking for sponsors to empower your latest esports function or a 2020 esports market update -- whatever the case, Brella will match you with dozens of networking leads that you can easily request a chat with via the push of a button.

IGEC is back June 30th - July 1st.Panel topics and key points of discussion

One-on-One Talks   

- Esports Industry Keynote.    
- CEO Fireside chat: Deep Dive into Running Esports Companies.

Health, Wellness, & Education
- The Do's and Don'ts of Health and Wellness in Esports.
- Back to the Chalkboard: Rethinking how to approach esports in education.

Industry Insights 
- A Discussion Leading Innovation in Esports.
- 4 things that Need to Change about the Esports Industry.
- Regional Rivalries and Esports Engagement LEC.

Investments, Sponsorships, & Funding
- Running on Empty: Discussing how Esports Organizations can Make the Most of their Fund.
- Unpacking the Mysteries of Esports Revenue Streams.
- The Fundamentals of Securing Esports Sponsorship. 
- Investing in Esports: Know what to look for in the Growing Industry. 
- Pitch Panel: Real Esports Companies Pitching to Investors. 

Team Management   
- Running on Empty: Discussing how Esports Organizations can make the Most of their Fund.
- How Support Staff can save an Esports Team on the Verge of Collapse.   
- Guiding Esports Biggest Influencers to Sustainable Success.  

Game Developers & Publishers   
- Out of the Box: How Riot's Unique Strategy Positions itself for a Competitive Gaming Takeover.
- Regional Rivalries and Esports Engagement LEC.

Evolving Esports   
- How Mobile Games are defining the competitive gaming industry   
- Guiding Esports Biggest Influencers to Sustainable Success   
- Using Twitch to Elevate your Esports Brand   
- Next Round: The Future of the Fighting Game Community

Advancing your Esports Career   
- Breaking News: How to Make a Name for Yourself in Esports Journalism   
- Guiding Esports Biggest Influencers to Sustainable Success   
- Using Twitch to Elevate your Esports Brand

See you at IGEC 2020 June 30th - July 1st!

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