[updated 2/21] Ironmouse passes xQc, Hasan, Nick Mercs in all-time subscriber count

This article is an updated version of a previous article about Ironmouse's subathon

VTuber Ironmouse is now the 6th most subscribed to streamer of all time, passing xQc, Hasanabi, Summit1g, and Nick Mercs peak sub counts to claim her place among some of the most famous streamers ever. She became the most-subbed-to female streamer of all time last week during her ongoing uncapped subathon that has now been running for seventeen days straight. She is also now firmly in the lead for most currently subbed-to channel.



Ironmouse is a VTuber who has seen tremendous interest over the past couple of weeks during her subathon, which adds 15 seconds to her stream clock for every subscription, $5 donation, or 500 bits she receives. Not only did she reach the historic 85k milestone on Friday, she also claimed the milestone of 1 million followers earlier this week, joining an elite club of streamers who have reached that benchmark.


While it was impressive to become the most subbed-to-female streamer of all time already, the fact that she passed xQc, Hasan, Summit1G, and Nick Mercs is a very impressive accomplishment since all of those streamers are incredibly popular and widely viewed, especially xQc who boasts one of the most loyal audiences on the platform. While it is unlikely that Ironmouse will continue to have this many active subscribers after her subathon ends, no one can take away her incredible accomplishment passing the 97k subscription mark. 


VTubing has been slowly but surely gaining traction in the west over the past several years. The practice of using a digital avatar with face tracking originated in Japan, but it has found a footing in America with creators like Ironmouse and Otohime Saki building significant audiences on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Following Ironmouse's unprecedented VTubing success, it is possible we will see a surge in popularity for other VTubers in the near future.

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