DisguisedToast's new 'viewerthon' format could change Twitch subathons forever

DisguisedToast launched a brand new streaming marathon this week, akin to a 'subathon' but with different rules. Rather than new subscriptions adding time to an ongoing clock, as is the case with a traditional Twitch subathon, DisguisedToast introduced a new format that he is calling a 'viewerthon' where if the stream drops below a certain number of viewers it ends.

"The stream will never end as long as I stay above the minimum viewer threshold," DisguisedToast explained on stream. "It starts at 0 and is raised by 1 every 30 seconds. I wanted to do a subathon but have enough money already in life, so trying a different way to take on the challenge of a subathon."



DisguisedToast, who is now 42 hours into his new viewerthon, will end his stream if he drops below 5048 viewers. As of writing this article he is holding strong at over 11k viewers. The new format could switch up the way the large streamers engage with subathons. Large creators have been criticized in the past for using the subathon format, since many subathons are run by small creators in an attempt to build extra presence, a boost that larger streamers don't need as much.


Ludwig Ahgren hosted the most famous uncapped subathon last year, during which time he broke the all-time Twitch active subscription record with over 283,000 subscriptions after streaming for 31 days straight. More recently, female VTube streamer Ironmouse became the most-subbed-to female creator of all time with 79,000 subs during her own subathon, surpassing Kkatamina to take the title of #13 most-subbed-to streamer of all time. Her subathon is still going, with the streamer having been live for 13-days now.


With DisguisedToast's new experiment, the success of the 'viewerthon' will be more judged by the length of the stream, rather than by the total number of subscriptions acquired. It is an interesting experiment that could shake up the future of the marathon streaming format, should it catch on.

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