Ludwig finally beat Elden Ring after streaming for over four days straight

Ludwig finally beat Elden Ring today, after streaming for 4 days and six hours straight following the promise in his stream title: “The stream ends when I beat Elden Ring.” Oddly enough, he didn't actually end the stream immediately after all that time but instead stuck around to celebrate with his viewers, 18,000 of whom witnessed the final moments of his win.


During the stream, Ludwig refused to stop, only taking on-stream breaks for sleeping, eating, and doing a podcast, in what amounted to a last-minute, impromptu subathon driven by his desire to quickly beat FROM Software’s latest title in front of his audience. He started the stream on Feb. 24th, and over the time of the stream he amassed 701 deaths according to his on-stream death counter.



Ludwig is no stranger to long streams, having completed a 31-day uncapped subathon in 2021, during which time he became the most subscribed-to Twitch streamer of all time with 283,066 active subscribers. He has since inked a deal with YouTube to exclusively stream on YouTube Gaming, where he is hosted his Elden Ring challenge stream.


FROM Software’s latest game Elden Ring has taken the gaming world by storm. With critical scores topping 95/100, the game has been received with great enthusiasm by fans and critics alike. This has prompted numerous streamers to give the very difficult game a shot on stream, including both xQc, Moist Critical, Ludwig, and others.


Ludwig is not the only streamer pulling a subathon type stunt either. DisguisedToast recently ran a “viewerthon” where the stream ended if it fell below a particular viewer count, while Ironmouse continues her now 25-day and counting uncapped subathon, during which time she has broken into the top 3 most-subscribed to streamers of all-time list

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