IronMouse has passed Critical Role to become 3rd in all-time Twitch subscriber count

Vtuber and Twitch streamer IronMouse continues her rampage into Twitch history, surpassing the legendary Critical Role in all-time subscriber count with 140,000+ subscribers. IronMouse did so during her now 25-day uncapped subathon, where every subscription, $5 donation, and 500-bit donation adds 15 seconds to the clock.


Having passed Critical Role, she is now ranked 3rd place of all time, behind only Ninja and Ludwig, who hold 269,154 and 283,066 all-time peak active subscriptions respectively. Ludwig accomplished his historic number during an uncapped subathon as well.  Along with Critical Role, she has surpassed huge names like xQc, Hasan, Summit1G, and Nick Mercs on her way to the top.


IronMouse is a variety streamer and VTuber who debuted as a streamer in 2017. She is a member of the VShojo VTuber community, a community she joined in 2020. She has become a popular chatting and variety streamer, though she has also on occasion shown off her incredible singing skills that are a result of a lifetime of voice lessons.



Her current subathon has now run 25 days as of writing this article. She still has over 14-hours on the clock as of writing, and is holding strong at around 15,000 live viewers. While it seems unlikely that she will challenge Ninja or Ludwig's very lofty peak sub-counts, it's never wise to count out someone who is on this much of a roll. So we will see.

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