GEN defeats DK 3-2, advances to the Winners Bracket


On Apr. 3, the 2024 LCK Spring Split Playoffs Round 2 match between Gen.G and Dplus KIA unfolded. In a fierce battle, Gen.G emerged victorious with a 3-2 score. Gen.G advances to the Winners Bracket, while Dplus KIA aims for redemption in the Losers Bracket.


In Game 1, Gen.G took the lead with superior macro play. Securing six Void Grubs, Gen.G applied pressure from various angles and disrupted Dplus KIA's Dragon Stack. Snowballing through their lead, Gen.G continued to show outstanding macro with Twisted Fate and smoothly destroyed Dplus KIA's Nexus.


In Game 2, Dplus KIA struck back with remarkable concentration. Securing two kills early in the top lane, Dplus KIA continued to gain advantages through skirmishes. With a Baron secured, Dplus KIA maintained pressure, widening the global gold difference and ultimately winning the final teamfight to even the score at 1-1.



The early stages of Game 3 saw minimal skirmishes. In a closely contested match, Gen.G quickly secured the Dragon Stack. Despite losing the Dragon Soul teamfight, Gen.G secured the Elder Dragon in a pivotal teamfight, leading to a turnaround win to take the lead once again at 2-1.


Pushed to the brink, Dplus KIA opted for a snowball composition in Game 4, focusing heavily on the laning phase. Utilizing strong champions early on, Dplus KIA dominated the Rift, steadily increasing their lead. Despite Gen.G's resistance, Dplus KIA destroyed Gen.G’s Nexus through a backdoor play after taking down all three inhibitors, tying the series at 2-2.


With Silver Scrapes echoing through LoL Park, both teams entered Game 5 with determination. Both teams employed late-game champions cautiously. The game featured many kills, but neither team gained a significant advantage. With both teams evenly matched, Gen.G squeezed ahead with slightly better macro, and they did not miss their one chance to capitalize and destroy Dplus KIA’s final Nexus.


As of today’s result, Gen.G will face the T1 vs. Hanwha Life Esports match winner in the Winners Bracket for a spot in the finals, while Dplus KIA will challenge the loser in the Losers Bracket for a chance at redemption. The Winners Bracket matches will take place on Apr. 6, with the Losers Bracket matches following on Apr. 7.


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