kkOma: "Our team's current goal is the gold medal and victory."


The South Korean League of Legends team had a successful first day at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games. They defeated Hong Kong and Kazakhstan in order and passed the group stage to reach the quarterfinals. After winning the second game, head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun shared his thoughts.


As the group stage was a single-round-robin format, the team could have been eliminated if they made a mistake and slipped. However, the team had easy victories as they triumphed in the two games.


When asked for his impressions after the first games, kkOma said, “Since it was a single-game format, we were quite tense. I think making it to the quarterfinals was a good ending, but we'll need to prepare even better because stronger opponents await us in the upcoming rounds.”


Was Coach Kim satisfied with the team's performance today? His response was, "It's too early to judge." This cautious stance stems from the ultimate goal of the South Korean League of Legends national team: the gold medal. Head coach kkOma emphasized that they need to prepare even more rigorously as they will face tougher opponents in the subsequent stages.


Regarding the mid-lane entry, kkOma chose his words carefully, stating, "Our team's current goal is the gold medal and victory." This statement underscored the team's focus and determination.


Lastly, kkOma considered China as their biggest rival in the semifinals, and even if they make it to the semifinals, they intend to give their best without wavering, striving for a smooth path to the finals.

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