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Cannon Ball for Shipcannonball
Weight: 5.00 LT
Explanation : Stand in front of a cannon with this item to load it.
Only loaded cannons can be fired.
Tax rate applied articlePrice : 1,000 S




Craft Herbal Gunpowder, Melted Vanadium Shard, Powder of Crevice, Black Stone Powder
BuyTorphin, Silen, Gafur, Bartholomeo, Srulk, Crio, Croix, Barossa, Bereo, Tunger, Sugarsh, Berga Erin, Danio, Gintabam, Cobrio, Sorio, Purio, Torio, Samia, Sander, Sankamu, Luicy, Dario, Bolhi, Kyrio, Gongklad

Craft Info Life > Siege Weapon Workshop > Cannon Ball for Ship x10

Cannon Ball for Ship
Herbal Gunpowder
Melted Vanadium Shard
Vanadium Ore
Powder of Crevice
Black Stone Powder
Rough Stone

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