[All-Star 2019] T1 Faker talks about the new roster and meeting Rick Fox: "he was really tall and really good looking"

Photo by Ashley Kang


All-Star 2019 has brought together some of the most celebrated League of Legends and TFT players of the year. It is no surprise that Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok was indicated as the first choice to represent South Korea  at the event. We got to chat about his encounter with Rick Fox, what it means to represent South Korea, and what fans can expect of the new SKT roster.


Hey Faker! Welcome to Las Vegas. What do you think of the event so far - are you having fun?


The format of All-Star is the same as last year, but I got to watch other pro players and influencers play and enjoy their games, so I am also having fun.


You met Tyler1 again. Do you think your relationship with him is getting any better?


I think our friendship is improving... and... yep!




Let's talk about the Rick Fox interview. I saw that you got a "Bronze Faker" shirt.  What was the experience of playing with Rick Fox like?


I met Rick Fox for the first time and he was really tall and really good looking, so I got a really good first impression of him. And about the game, it was less about the fact we were playing the game together, and more about doing charity work and because of that I really enjoyed myself.




What do you think that the influence of someone like Rick Fox is like to the esports scene?


Rick Fox was a famous basketball player, and now he is spending a lot of time in the esports scene, I see that as a positive thing. Expressing his positive influence into things like charity work, I think that is a really good thing that comes from him.


This year you are representing the LCK at All-Star. What does it mean to you to represent your country once again at All-Star?


It feels good to represent the LCK. I think I have to provide good games so the Korean fans can have an even better time as they watch All-Star so that is another responsibility of mine.


Your popularity increses exponentially every year. At this point, are you even surprised that you were South Korea's first pick to represent the LCK?


I wasn't really surprised, however, when the fans picked me as the first choice for All-Star, I was very thankful and I feel like I should continue to show you guys a good performance so the fans continue picking me as the first pick.




Do you ever miss the life of anonimity you had before becoming an esports mega-star?


It is true that a lot of people recognize me when I step outside, and it is also true that there are a lot of uncomfortable aspects of my current life, but I wouldn't say that I particularly miss my previous life. For every types of life there are pros and cons, so in a way, I am also happy because the fans continue to recognize and love me.


You seem to be very close to your now previous SKT family. What do you say to the fans that are so worried about the splitting of the team?


It is regretful that we were not able to continue on with the same roster that we had at the semifinals, and I am guessing that the fans will be as regretful too, however, there is a new roster coming to SKT in 2020 and I want to create more good memories and impressions with the new players.


Translated by Ashley Kang, from Korizon Esports.


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