[Worlds 2019] FPX vs iG KR Reactions: LPLvs LCK Comparison


Game 1

Game 1 summary...

ㄴSpecial top chef master of whole roasts, Doinb

   ㄴHealth kitchen master chef

ㄴ This place cooks well

ㄴ Awesome roast pigeon

Yo Kang!! Dàgē Kang!!!





???: Hey Faker! They say he’s the best top laner ever...

Was I that bad???

ㄴ Conparing that to 15 Marin is crossing a line

ㄴ No one should dis 15 Marin

Game 2

LPLvsLCK comparison.gif




ㄴ I can really feel this LMAO

ㄴ This is so fkin funny you nuts

ㄴ How is this gif still valid? Haha

Rookie trying to carry his teammates on a bus

He’a forcing in the bottom duo trying to get off

ㄴ As much as he’s mid, he has a strong...

ㄴ The bus actually starts moving there? lol

Game 3

Hey, did you teach Yu Wen-bo Korean? He called me gesekki.

*Note: Gesekki means puppy, a roughly similar word to b*tch.

No, he’s been learning Chinese recently.

ㄴ Who’s Yuwenbo?

ㄴㄴ JackeyLove LMAO

???? Hey Dage Kang, Song! Don’t be too sad.

Don’t be too sad. You’re playing against ME. It’s similar to getting wet when you’re walking in rain. What? You’re the returning champions? It’s just me in your way this time.

ㄴ EmperorOinB

ㄴ KinginB

ㄴ Mid difference

Game 4

???: I can really see how you feel, Faker!

I played this game alone, but it feels that I’m the culprit because of that last Varus ult...

???: Dumbass…

ㄴ TheShy is actually the culprit, no?

ㄴ Faker made it to the finals back then.

??? : Kayle, if you’re dragged, try pressing R.


ㄴ He mastered Korean in such short time

ㄴ Why is he so good at speaking Korean? Is he doing his masters degree in Korean?


Game 4 TheShy Summary

I mean… Why didn’t he use his ult at that last moment? I really can’t understand.

ㄴ He died without using his ult like 3 times. 

ㄴ Damge 7???

ㄴ 7Shy???

ㄴㄴ 7he shy.

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