[Worlds 2019] Korean dominance returns, all three LCK teams secure first seed

The last day of Group Stage launches DWG into the first seed for Group D, where they join SKT and GRF who finished first in their respective groups earlier on the week. All three teams finished 5-1, and none of them lost a single game to an LPL representative.

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

SKT and GRF lost one game each to the LEC rep in their group, while DWG lost their first game against TL. With RNG not even advancing, and IG being on the brink of elimination as well, the LCK looks to put a stop to the recent dominance of the LPL representatives. 

After multiple international events won by the Chinese teams in a row, the LCK completely dominated this years Rift Rivals, and now the Group Stage at Worlds. While it's not yet the knockouts, and much too early to tell, it is looking like the wrath of the Korean superstar teams may carry them to yet another Worlds title.

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


The LEC has also qualified all three of their representatives as well, and look like strong contenders, but with each of them in the second seed, the LCK definitely seems to be on top for the time being. FPX sits as the single non-Korean first seed, but also had a shaky Group performance, and will likely be the hope for second seeds to draw in the Knockout Stage.

Check back here for news on the Knockout Stage Draw and the matchups we will see next week in the Quarterfinals for this Worlds 2019 competition. 

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

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