[Lasso's Interview Room] Playing Pictionary with DAMWON Nuclear!


DAMWON Gaming was the second team to earn a slot in the playoffs in this season’s LCK. Following DAMWON, SANDBOX Gaming also secured a spot, and as of this, the three teams that were in Challengers Korea last year have secured the first three slots in the playoffs.

After the match, we met up with DAMWON Gaming’s bot laner, Sin “Nuclear” Jeong-hyeon. He was trying to be calm, hiding his excitement of reaching playoffs, and to relieve him from all the pressure, we tried to play a little game of Pictionary with him.

Would his ability to draw as good as his ability to poke? Have a look at the video and get the quiz right!



Hello! Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m DAMWON Gaming’s bot laner, Nuclear.

Do you enjoy drawing things?

Sometimes I do for fun, but I really suck.

Today, we’ll have you draw something and fans will guess what it is. Let’s prepare for the first one… Round 1, start!

Okay... I know! It seems fun. Oh, How can I draw Baron?

You’re very detailed.

I’m kind of a perfectionist… This looks like a rabbit… How do I draw a cat’s ears?

Like this, good?

Yep. I’m done.

▲ "Guess what he drew!"


The answer is... "Baron steal".


Why did you draw it like this? Can you explain a bit?

To explain… This is the Baron pit. Although this guy looks like this, it’s Baron. I described he has 1 HP remaining like this. And the cat, as you would guess, Yuumi.

It’s Yuumi stealing Baron.

It’s Yuumi’s skill flying towards Baron with 1 HP left. It’s a drawing of when we got Baron stolen from Yuumi.

What would the perfectionist’s next drawing? Round 2!

The mobile Pictionary game is quite popular these days. Haven’t you played with friends?

I… Don’t have friends to play with…


I played it on PC before. Recently once as well. There are a lot of people who draw creatively.

I think this is such a bad drawing…

The trophy is hard to draw. I know as well.

Oh… Wait… I thought it would be easy.

So you’re done.

Haha. I really suck at drawing.

▲ [Guess what he drew!]

The answer is... "World Championship"

What does the picture mean?

It’s us going to Worlds playing in the middle of a huge crowd against… Whichever team, I don’t know. This is the arena. It would be open-booth, right? The crowd would be watching … And the trophy would be DAMWON’s after all.

Oh, yes, DAMWON’s name is on it. On the other side, is it a question mark because you don’t know which team it is?

Yes. It’s a question mark, and this is DAMWON.

It’s the finals? Since the trophy is on the stage.


It’s a drawing of your dream!

Fortunately, it was clear enough. Thank you. This is the first time I did this. It’s fun.

Anyways, as of today, you secured playoffs. How do you feel?

It was very regretful during the spring playoffs. I’ll be preparing a lot more for this one and repay everyone who cheers and has high hopes for us. Although I just look like this, I’m really excited about reaching the playoffs.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you actually seem really excited?

I don’t know. I’m not used to it yet.

When you get higher up, then would you be able to smile more?

I guess so. Please cheer for us in the playoffs. Thank you!

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