Top 5 Top Laners in SKT History (feat. Khan)



Hello, I'm Kim "Khan" Dong-ha, top laner of SK Telecom T1.


Top 5. Untara 

For Untara... First, I put him here because I'm close to him.

But this he's a guy who was really good enough.

It's just that he wasn't recognized enough.

Which is too bad for him.

He just lacks unique characteristics so he's less known.

Untara was really good in 2017 summer when he shared time with Huni, and when Peanut shared time with Blank.

From what I recall, he had like a 80% win rate.


Top 4. Huni

Huni has a lot accomplished.

He's won championships in the EU and NA.

And in the LCK as well.

Not much to say; his career just proves how good he is.

When he was playing against me in 2017, he was one of the best then as well.

If it was 2017 summer…

Huni was good…

Smeb and CuVee as well... They were the best top laners back then.

I thought he had a unique style in top lane.

Rather than playing like other top laners, he had this weird style.

It was interesting because he was good that way.

So he had a weird style, but it was interesting that he was really good that way.

Had a weird style, but was good so it was interesting. // Yes.

The people who have weird styles mostly…

How can I explain…

They take a detour because standard methods don't work…

Huni's unpredictable and really good.


Top 3. Duke

Duke, when he won Worlds…

He really shined in that top lane.

Smeb of ROX Tigers and SKT's Duke fought fiercely in the finals.

Watching that, I thought they were really good.

Have you faced Duke at lane phase before?

// I hadn't played against him much...

I probably played against them a few times in solo queue…

How was he in solo queue?

I thought he was just solid.

Back then, I was really good.


Top 2. Impact

2nd is Impact.

I had my debut when Impact always won the championship.

When we met in solo queue…

I used to lose even when we switch champions.

For example, if I was Renekton and he was Riven, I would lose.

And when I played Riven and he played Renekton, I would lose.

So I really thought, 'wow, this is how a champion top laner plays...'

back when I first had my debut.

Back then, it was the lane swap meta.

He had a very good comprehension of swapping lanes.

Sometimes he would just back off, or sometimes counter a 1v2 dive, taking one of them with him.

When it was the lane swap meta…

It was my first time playing professionally, so I struggled a lot.


Top 1. Marin

Marin needs no explanation.

I think all top laners would have learned by watching Marin play.

You too?

// Of course, obviously, I was inspired from him and I really learned a lot from him.

He never lost to anyone in lane.

And after he wins lane, he would find ways to help his teammates. That was outstanding

He was really good at the mind game.

When we're fighting fiercely in a 1v1 situation, it felt like that his jungler was somewhere close behind him.

Even when we had a 2v1 situation against him, he would make it difficult for us to gank.

The reason I didn't include myself here would be ugly if I put myself in this list.

So I just wrote other players and excluded myself.

Up to now was the top 5 top laners for Khan.



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