A photo journey inside IGEC 2019, our biggest event of the year.

Earlier this month on June 4th, The Inven Global Esports Conference brought over 100 different panelist, speakers, and esports experts together in the same place. Our goal, as it has always been at IGEC, was to improve the esports industry through the sharing of ideas and practical knowledge gathered through decades of real-world industry experience.

▲ Keynote speaker Chris Hopper of Riot Games kicking off IGEC 2019 with an in-depth presentation on League of Legends and how it became a premium esport.

During the day of our event, #IGEC2019 was trending on Twitter throughout the West coast thanks to our esteemed group of speakers sharing their panels, photos, and memories of the event. IGEC hosted over 650 attendees for a full day of esports networking and learning; never before seen lectures and frank panels defined our event and the team at Inven Global couldn't have been happier with the discussions recorded.

Video recordings of all 30+ panels were recorded and are currently being edited and processed. We can't wait to share them with the rest of the esports world!

Special Thanks to Sponsors

Inven Global staff worked closely with our sponsors to make IGEC 2019 a memorable event that made sure every ticketed attendee didn't leave empty-handed. We know that esports apparel is on the rise in 2019, so we thought it important for IGEC 2019 to reflect that.  ULT, Meta Threads, Ateyo, and Esports Famous filled our event with awesome giveaways, stylish apparel, and even surprise giveaways to unsuspecting panel attendees. 


In addition, Esports Famous and IGEC joined forces to create exclusive cross-over apparel. These items were 2019 exclusive so if you didn't nab one, there is always next year! 

Photo by Shawn Thomas
▲ Photo by Shawn Thomas
▲ Photo featuring @IAmInertiaGG

The sponsor generosity didn't stop there. The World Cyber Games gave away an all-expense paid trip to Xi'an, China for one lucky attendee and, outside of the conference, developer booths from Joy City and Hound 13 gave away hundreds of dollars worth of iTunes and Android gift cards to attendees and UCI students.

IGEC 2019's after party (with a musical performance by the Super Soul Bros. setting the mood) had it's own LAN Center thanks to iBuyPower and, naturally, the entire event wouldn't have been possible without the following organizations who have joined us in our mission to elevate the esports industry through learning and networking:

Krafton Game Union
Hound 13
Joy City

Pearl Abyss
Net Marble
Harrisburg University

Thank you again to all of our sponsors!


Photo Gallery

▲ Registration opened at 8:00 AM and the event had begun!
▲Director of Marketing Communications for @LAGladiators, Joy Chao!
 ▲ Longtime IGEC supporter, Susie Kim!
▲ The keynote stage:  hundreds of guest began to find their seats for the first talk of the day.
Nick D'Orazio, Director of Strategic Content at Inven Global welcomed guests and introduced the keynote speaker...
Chris Hopper, Head of Esports for North America at Riot Games!
▲ Hopper spoke at length about the innovations the LCS is responsible for and what problems it has to solve in the future.
▲ After the keynote, attendees chose their first panels
▲ Meanwhile, outside of the event center, professional Smash Bros. players were taking all challengers!
@Shroomed08 played for hours, accepting all challenges.
▲ So did @MVG_Mew2King -- some attendees even came close to winning!
▲ Inven Global staff partnered up with UCI esports to host a $1000 Smash Ultimate tournament as well.
▲ In addition to the Smash activities outside, multiple developer booths were showing off their new titles. Anyone who played would receive gift cards as prizes!
▲ Back inside, panels! This panel highlighted 5 women professionals in esports and investigated their career journey.
▲ This panel brought fighting game veterans to discuss the difference between the FGC and mainstream esports
DeviantArt hosted a special panel exploring the intersection between art and esports!
Professional Cosplayer Alicia Marie and to her right Senior Animator at Blizzard Entertainment, Lana Bachynski were featured on the panel.
▲ Nate Eckman, Co-Founder and CCO of Ultimate Media Ventures on DeviantArt's panel.
"What do esports Casters do All Day?" explored one of the most popular but misunderstood jobs in esports.
▲ The panel featured professional casters Brian Kibler, MonteCristo. Chris Puckett, DoA, D1 and Moses
▲ Erik "Doa" Lonnquist also gave a solo lecture about how important it was to accept criticism and feedback, even in an emerging industry.
Co-Founder of APE, Alberto Rengifo, moderated the "building a brand" panel that featured a variety of esports professionals concerned with brand building and audience perception.
▲ Community Manager at Cloud9 Emily Gonzales-Holland representing Cloud9 during the panel.
▲ Emily Gonzales-Holland representing Cloud9 during the panel.
▲ Mychal "Trihex" Jefferson is a solo streamer for Tempo Storm who hase managed to create a unique, recognizable community among a sea of other streamers.
▲Social Media Manager at Cloud9 Mateus Portilho explained the difficulty in appeasing multiple grounds of gamers through the same brand.
▲CEO of Tempo Storm, Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk  on a panel about what makes an esports team successful.
▲The Unseen Traits of Successful Esports Teams panel also included COO of FlyQuest, Tricia Sugita, Chief Strategy Officer of Evolved Talent Agency, Chris Lloyd, and Team Manager for 100 Thieves, Sabrina Wong.
▲ Trisha Hershberger moderated "The Fashionable Intersection of Esports and Streetwear" panel
▲ Reynad joined by MonteCristo and Delilah Pania, Vice President of Captial Formation on the "Jumping on the Bullet Train of Esports Investments" panel.
Duncan "Thorin" Shields gave an entertaining insiders look into the often grim history of esports journalism. 
Chad "History Teacher" Smeltz, Director of Esports at Harrisburg University and Joe “Joemeister” Gramano Overwatch Head Coach at Harrisburg explained at length how to create a top-tier collegiate esports program.
Esports Journalism: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  Moderated by Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi
Richard Lewis, Esports Journalist pulled no punches describing rampant corruption that journalism combats in the gaming industry.
 As the last panel concluded,  All-Access ticket holders were invited to the IGEC 2019 after party! Open bar, buffet style food, and thousands of dollars worth of giveaways were raffled away. 
▲Live music, a LAN center, Killer Queen arcade cabinets and more games completed a long day of networking and esports discussion.

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