DWG BeryL: "Since PraY is a veteran pro gamer with vast experience, it was hard to play against him."

On June 14th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 8 match between kt Rolster and DAMWON Gaming, DAMWON finally collected their first win. In the 2-1 victory, DAMWON Gaming’s top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee were voted as MVPs and were interviewed after the match.


You finally got your first win. What has changed within the team?

Nuguri: After losing both matches last week, we talked more about working and moving as a team and practiced that.

(To BeryL) I heard that it’s your first MVP since your debut in the LCK. Congratulations. You faced PraY and Snowflower today. What did you think of them?

BeryL: Since PraY is a veteran pro gamer with vast experience, it was hard to play against him. He’s really good at managing the lane. His attacks were very sharp as well.

How were the picks?

BeryL: We didn’t predict the Kalista-Alistar comp. The Flash gank was really impressive.

How was the feedback after Game 1?

Nuguri: We made mistakes here and there in Game 1. The feedback was mainly about making calls more clearly and moving properly as a team.

As you said, DAMWON seemed to be moving better as a team starting from Game 2. Who made the calls for Nuguri teleporting to gank bot?

: Just before that situation, the opponent Jayce used his Teleport at top. I was the only one that had Teleport so I made the call. My teammates did well and reacted to my calls well.

In Game 3, KT had Smeb in top lane; they had veterans all around.

: It was really difficult to play against. We had to play less aggressive when Kennen’s HP was low.

When were you sure that you’ve won?

BeryL: When we first took Baron, I thought we would be able to win if we don’t make mistakes, but because of the variables Zoe made, it was hard to close. After we took the second Baron with the help of the mountain drake we secured earlier, we were sure that we’ve won.

You’re maintaining a high rank in solo queue. Does that help your performance on stage?

BeryL: If I play a lot of solo queue, it seems that my mechanics improve, but it’s not that good for the team game. So I try to play the team game more in solo queue as well.

(To Nuguri) Many fans would have been worried because of the first week DAMWON had. A word to the fans?

Nuguri: We had a bad start, losing two consecutive games, so there would have been many people worrying. We’ll be doing our best to return with better performance in our next match. Thank you.

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