[KR reactions] 2019 MSI Main Event Day 1, SKT vs G2: "G2 = A team that can end a game near the 18-minute mark"


2019 MSI Main Event Day 1

SKT vs G2

It’s finally starting!

ㄴ Faker vs Baby Faker

ㄴ Wadid: G2… I think these guys will swap lane.

ㄴ Whether it’s Caps or Perkz… Their career ain’t even close to Faker’s.

ㄴ They don’t even have enough room to write down all his career LOL.


Wadid is an SKT fanboy.

ㄴ Wadid: I’m Korean.

ㄴ I guess Wadid hates G2 LOL

ㄴ Nothing to be surprised, they’re good friends.

ㄴ Smart boy. It’s insurance. You get ripped apart if you say something wrong to the “SKT fans”.

ㄴ Well, watching Wadid and GorillA talk in the studio makes me feel that they’d become great commentators. They know how to talk.


What is wrong with these guys?


ㄴ No need to be surprised. They do this every day.

Why is Caps drinking water like this? 



G2 is so good.

ㄴ Khan is getting torn apart.

ㄴ What did Kingzone give to SKT?!

ㄴ Why did Mata go in like that?

ㄴ This is LEC!


Every lane is being dominated… Except for mid.

ㄴ It’s going to be over if Faker dies.

ㄴ Wunder is already 50 cs up!

ㄴ Wow, Wunder is doing so good.

No hope whatsoever.

ㄴ Faker is the only person who’s actually playing this game.

ㄴ Xayah building 3 core items just in 20 minutes. This is over.


G2 = A team that can end a game near the 18-minute mark

ㄴ Today they end it 7 minutes late.

ㄴ The game was over right after Mata made that stupid move in the early game.

ㄴ My fried chicken is still hot.

ㄴ xxx: Umm… May I cancel my order, please?


ㄴ This is one variable to lifting the trophy!


The reason why they lost against G2. 

ㄴ Khan: To be honest, I'm here to face TheShy. I haven't thought about going against Wunder...

I never thought that they’d lose against EU…

ㄴ Actually, a lot of the fans thought SKT can lose against G2.

ㄴ It’s pretty obvious that the LCK is now becoming the LMS.


Kiin and CoreJJ would have been so much better in SKT.

ㄴ Khan, Mata… Please swim back home.


The team that I miss the most… 

ㄴ How did they finish 2nd last year with 'him' in top? 

ㄴ At least they plain dominated RNG on Day 1.


Here comes another team.

ㄴ How the hell did they go out of Worlds Groups on 1st place? 

ㄴ 2018 Afreeca Freecs defeated G2. I miss them so much. 


The only player that performed for SKT... 

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