[KR Reactions] 2019 LCK Spring Playoffs, SKT vs KZ: "UnderFaker vs PawN Cena!"

<2019 LCK Spring Playoffs Semifinals >




Before Game 1

gif. of the year!

ㄴWow. Look at the aura...

ㄴ Not even looking at each other LOL.


Today, we’ll finally know which player is better.

ㄴ I can tell this guy is a Faker hater already...

ㄴ One thing for sure. These two are the key players of the day.


“Let’s a have fun, hyeok!”

“Are you ready, seok?”


Let’s go to game 5!


Game 1

What, Vi picked in the Semis?

ㄴ If Vi goes to India… MumVi! LOL

ㄴ I’m not Vi, I’m gay!

ㄴ You guys are out of your mind...


Wow, Vi is so garbage.

ㄴBelieve it or not… Some champs’ counter is a Stopwatch.  

ㄴ Maybe it’s the other way around… Vi is a champ that forces a Stopwatch.


What? What just killed PawN???

ㄴ Um… Bengi perhaps?

ㄴ Bengi: Yo SKT… Let me help you guys out just one last time.

ㄴ Ivern: (YES!)



???:  Private Bengi! Where have you been?
ㄴ I’ve been helping my boys sir!


Game 1 is so fun!

ㄴ It’s not too late to order your fried chicken!

ㄴ This is a fight between some alpha males… WOW, so much competitiveness.


Alright. Let’s forget about game 1 KZ.

ㄴForget about Vi too…


“Get out of here! This is general Teddy’s seat.”



Game 2

Well, good for us LOL. How the hell would we have defeated them?


KZ already won this game. Look at their draft.

ㄴ Faker lost twice on Sylas. This game is going to be tough.

PawN going Kleptomancy on Leblanc.

ㄴ This guy!


Today, Teddy is performing better than Deft.

ㄴ Well, the Faker vs PawN matchup isn’t over yet.


So, game 1 went wrong because they picked Vi.

ㄴ Why did they give Vi to Cuzz… Vi doesn’t deserve him.


KZ made a mistake.

ㄴ No. I don’t even think about someone making a mistake in this perfect match!

ㄴ Yeah. Although it looks like a mistake, that’s just a part of the plan for them.


Nexus turret: Please… Kill me...


So, backdoor is the trend for this playoffs.

ㄴ It’s like watching WWE. Feels like there’s a script for this match.

ㄴ UnderFaker vs PawN Cena


How did they win this?

ㄴ Summary: KZ performed better, but SKT won the games.



Game 3

MVP of the game: Riot.
ㄴ We saw some precise macro and crazy teamfights… Riot did it all.

ㄴ I agree. This reminded me of the LoL back in its heyday.


Let’s not forget those L-L, W-W-W dramas. It really might happen.

ㄴ Yeah, it always happened when no one expected it.

Khan: I love your ultimate Kennen.


Faker’s solo kill on PawN!

ㄴ Seems like the competition for the best mid laner in the LCK has finally come to an end...

ㄴ KZ, you guys still did well making it to the Semis.

ㄴ They started from the bottom… Well done KZ.


Look at that! Switching places!

ㄴ Faker has completely recovered his performance.

ㄴ Well, everyone will be praising Faker for now. However, the guys who compared him with PawN will probably compare him to Chovy starting from tomorrow.


Hey guys, this is the result for the LPL.

ㄴ Sorry but I don’t need it.


Faker is back!!


Mata! Do you miss KT?

Get out of here


Didn’t SKT lose twice against Griffin?

I don’t remember anything.

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