[Moment Of Truth] Fnatic At Korean Bootcamp: "We dodged the Koreans and have a good shot of placing 1st in the seed. This means will be essentially get a free ticket to the semi finals."

 With a versatile 6 man roster and placing 1st in both splits, Fnatic has qualified for the 2018 World Championships. In addition to talent, luck has blessed Fnatic with their group draws. Dodging all the Korean teams, Rekkles has expressed his sincere happiness towards the draw outcome.

Soon facing off against 100 Thieves and IG, Fnatic is on the pressure to place first in their groups for an easier quarter and semi final. The group stage results will determine Fnatic's journey for this year's World Championships.

On the 26th (KST), we had the opportunity to meet and talk with the members of Fnatic. Combining a mixture of in-game and team questions with fun activities, we were able to see a side of Fnatic that was unable to be seen otherwise. 

Below are the interview responses from Fnatic.

¤ Welcome to Korea! I believe it has been a week or so since you guys have arrived. How has everything been?

Caps: It has been nice. I have been having problems with my sleep schedule, but it is getting fixed. It is getting real nice.

Fnatic has gone through a lot this year. With Bwipo joining the team and Hylissang joining during Spring Split, there must have been difficulties finding the right groove. How has everything been so far for the team?

Broxah: I think the biggest change this year was that we played so many different styles. Last year, we mainly had the same style of playing around Rekkles. This year, although we have been focusing on Rekkles during Spring, we attempted a lot more different styles. For me personally, the jungle to mid playstyle changed immensely.

We have just been going through so many changes regarding our line up. We play Bwipo bot lane which made our bot lane, all of a sudden, become really ham and super aggressive. When Bwipo goes top, he generally plays a lot more aggressive compared to sOAZ as well. We have also learned how to play around Caps.

All in all, I believe all of us got more experienced. Last year, the experience from veterans helped us a lot at Worlds. Now, we have our own style of play and experience. This really helped everyone step up when needed and have more responsibility in their games.

Bwipo: I feel like we promote more aggression in the early game. Mostly...From what I noticed at the start of Spring, at least, was that we were a fairly safe team. A lot of the times, we avoided taking 2v2s or just fights in general. I believe we have realized how to utilize our strengths as a team. Use some of the talents we have and take advantage of the early game and take the fight to them.

What was the most quintessential thing that has brought Fnatic so much success this year? Was it a singular player or a certain mindset throughout the team?

Joey: I think one important factor is that our team plays more solo q than any other team in Europe. A lot of other European teams are known to play games like World of Warcraft and Fortnite during their off time.

*Entire team laughs*

¤ Is there a rule for no outside games? Or is this due to the player’s decision?

Joey: There is not really a rule even though we do track solo q. It is just the passion that the players have to become the best team in the west at the very least. I believe they just have more passion than any other team in Europe.

Let’s talk a bit about the meta. Do you guys think the meta right now favors you guys?

Dylan: Well, patch 8.19 came out. It is the patch that Worlds will be played on. I think some of the buffs in this patch is good for us as a team. When I woke up and saw patch 8.19, I was very happy with what I saw. I don’t want to spoil too much (laughs). I believe the Korean and Chinese teams have a lot more aggressive approach to certain roles such as jungle and mid lane than what we saw in Europe.

It might take us a while to adapt to that. But as a team that focuses so much on mid and jungle, after we analyzed how the Koreans and Chinese teams play, we realized that the playstyle actually suits our team a lot. So overall, yeah. I think the patch/meta is good for us right now.

¤ There are comments going around that Riot is specifically buffing champions that are ‘fun’ to see at Worlds. Champions like Thresh, Darius, and Pyke. What are your opinions here? Is it better for the pros or a downside?

Bwipo: I think it is okay. As long as a champion is not problematic, it is fine. If a champion has a problematic kit and Riot is not nerfing that champion, *couch* Akali… it is kind of frustrating to play against in certain situations. I feel like giving too much time for a champion to be explored and abused could end up being a thing for Worlds.

For example, a champion like Kai’Sa has been explored extensively until now. She has never really dropped out of favor. Now, everyone is aware of what she is capable of. Maybe it was time for this champion to get nerfed.

Riot has said in the past that they did not want to make huge changes before big tournaments because of the pro players. Should they just correctly balance champions for the long run before a tournament or wait until later?

Bwipo: It is not even big patches. They just need to tweak at things that a champion should be weak at and make them weaker. For example, you can hit Kai’Sa mana costs to make her laning phase a lot weaker. Don’t get me wrong, her laning phase is strong but that is supposed to be her weak point right? Getting through that is what her job is in the game. Once that is over, she is supposed to take over the game.

I feel like, according to Riot Games’ nerfing policy, all you are going to see are damage nerfs. I agree. This is not the way to go.

sOAZ: Are you saying that they just need more competent people (laughs)?

Bwipo: I’m just saying...making a champion’s weakness more apparent in the way to go for me. I believe it would be a good way to go to increase Kai’Sa’s Q mana cost by 10 or so. This way she would have to actually think of when she can push her lane instead of mindlessly doing so. I don’t think a change like this will change Kai’Sa as a champion.

This is just a small change that will force people to adjust their builds accordingly. For example, you see a lot of people going Doran’s Ring now right? It is for the exact purpose. So she can keep wave clearing. Hitting a champion with these types of changes will just add another layer of gameplay and counterplay to a champion.

I know I am talking about Kai’Sa specifically, but we can also talk about Akali. I remember there was a post when someone said that her shroud should be half duration under the tower. When Akali is under my tower, I think it is very reasonable to have her W on half duration. This way, I actually won’t get s*** on when I am under tower. That would be really nice. Same with Kai’Sa, these changes won’t be huge. She still will be the same champion. Akali would just need to abide by a few more rules.

These types of changes are welcome going into Worlds. Because at the end of the day, Akali can still dish millions of damage while making cool outplays. But, she will be more balanced. Overall, Riot can release a big patch with a lot of small tweaks before Worlds. Just don’t gut a champion’s main damage ability because it is funny. I feel like this is what Riot has been doing. Buffing damage when they are weak and nerfing damage when they are strong. I don’t believe that is the only way to tweak a champion.

For groups, Fnatic has been placed with 100 Thieves and IG. What are your thoughts on these teams?

Rekkles: In a way, it is a lot like the draws we had in 2015 with IG, AHQ, and C9. Back then, IG was also hyped up to be the second coming of China. IG turned out to falter a bit in the group stage. I think something similar might happen this year when they are hyped up and fail. In a best of 1 setting, I don’t see them upsetting or surprising us. We might be the ones that surprise them.

Overall, everyone was happy with the group results. We dodged the Koreans and have a good shot of playing 1st in the seed. This means will be essentially get a free ticket to the semi finals.

Group draws are important as it plays a role in how far a team can go. While some teams get lucky...others do not. What are your thoughts on Team Vitality’s luck?

Rekkles: I think if you qualify with league points, you deserve to get a hard group. If you are first in your region, you should be getting an easy draw. It is Worlds after all. If you’re looking for an easy group as a second seed, I believe you are in the wrong tournament. For example, Team Liquid deserves way more to get an easy group compared to Team Vitality. In my mind, it is completely fair.

Dylan: To add on to what Rekkles said, I think out of all the group stage draws so far, this year’s draws is easily the most balanced draws.

Rekkles: Normally, it would be much better for us than it is now. But, this year has been the year that China is actually better than Korea. So even though we are obviously excited to dodge Korea, it is still a tough task to play against a team like IG. It is not going to be easy by any means. This year might be the year that RNG wins the whole thing unless someone stops them. Maybe a team like us could stop them or Gen.G.

What are your predictions for groups for not only yours but for the other ones as well?

Rekkles: I believe the obvious top 2 of every group will make it out. For example, Group A will be Flash Wolves and Afreeca. Group B will be RNG and Gen.G. Group C will be Liquid and kt. I think Group C is the most likely for the third team to make it out. This is because EDG is most likely to be placed in Group C. They won’t make it to Group A but Group C they possibly could.

In my mind, Group C is up for grabs. Team Liquid might not make it. For Group D, it is obviously us and IG.

Do you guys think NA and EU will have a better shot this year at going further than before?

Rekkles: I think it is relatively the same. At best, one team from each NA and EU region will make it out of groups. I wouldn’t be surprised if we make it out of Group D, TL make it out of Group C. There are probably not going to be that many teams from the Western regions that will make it out.

Despite this, I actually think that one of us could potentially make it really far this year. Especially if you place 1st in your groups. It is very important. It is something people don’t think about too much. When you make 1st in your groups, you naturally get an easier quarterfinals. In the end, it is a huge deal. Last year, we played against RNG in the quarterfinals and that wasn’t that fun. This is why I am really happy with the draw this year, I want to get first in groups.

100 Thieves is probably the worst 2nd seed team we could have gotten. We played with them before and know their style. A team like MAD or Buffalo might upset us because we don’t know how they play. I don’t even know how they got here.

sOAZ: NA just looks the same as before. TL didn’t really have any competition for them to improve. Because of this, I don’t think their skill ceiling is that high. Coming into Worlds, this is why I don’t believe TL is going to be the top dogs of a competition like this. Our skill ceiling is probably a lot higher than theirs. Due to the difference in competition, I would say that there are better chances for us to perform better than NA at Worlds this year.

If each of you guys could pick one player you have the most synergy with in and outside of the game, who would it be and why?

Bwipo: Probably Hyli. We both play really aggressive, and he knows how to calm me down. You know (laughs)? Hyli knows when to tell me to back off, and I usually listen. I think Hylissang is the best person who keeps my aggressive under control while also following up on it. Even in solo q when I play an aggressive champion in the bot lane, the Koreans don’t play the way I want them to play. They are not going as aggressive as I’d like them to. I feel like I have only had that with Hyli. It really clicks when we play in lane. For me, it is probably Hyli.

sOAZ: I would say Caps for sure. This is because we are both very creative in our playstyle. He reminds me of the time I used to play with Peke.

Hylissang: I would choose Bwipo as well.

*Bwipo smiles intensively*

Hylissang: We played a lot together and built a lot of good synergy. We understand each other outside of the game as well. Like Bwipo said, we have a very similar playstyle. In a way, I fulfill him and he fulfills me. When Bwipo is farming and looking for trades, I constantly look for angles of “Can I go in now or do I need to wait for my jungler to finish his camps…”

sOAZ: (laughs)

Caps, would you choose sOAZ as well since he chose you?

sOAZ: Oh…

Caps: In general, I have played with sOAZ for a long time now. We play the same, and I feel this way with Hylissang as well. But for this year, I think me and Broxah have improved a lot. Last year, we played differently and had different thoughts on the game. We didn’t really play with each other. I feel like, this year, we have improved a lot on that. Me and Broxah can now actually play together and be confident in each other. If I had to choose one, I would probably have to go with Broxah.

Broxah: I would choose my Danish duo, Caps, as well (laughs).

Caps: Swole bros.

*Entire team laughs*

Broxah: Like Caps said, ours styles were very different last year. It made it difficult for us to play with each other. But now, we have gotten past that point. Our style being different has actually become an upside for us. Even though we think differently on how the game should be played, I believe it adds another layer of depth to how we play in game.

I am more of a chill guy while Caps always wants to go ham. If I am chilling too much, Caps makes sure that I am going in with him to make stuff happen. I would pick Caps.

Rekkles: I would pick sOAZ. We have played with each other for a total of 4 years now? I know exactly what I can expect from sOAZ when it really matters. In teamfights, I know that he has my back. I would say that sOAZ is probably my bro.

Rekkles, you have said previously that you respect Uzi and have a special place for him in your heart. Did you see Uzi’s summoner name in Korean server? His name is FNC Rekkles1. How does it feel that Uzi feels the same way about you?

Rekkles: I think it is pretty cool (laughs). I mean...I was going to change my name to his, but I didn’t have enough blue essence. I am still trying to level up a bit more, so I can change my ign to his. Uzi has been the guy I have looked up to for the past year. To see him acknowledge my existence is awesome. Obviously, I still want to beat him though. If I can beat Uzi, I know I can win the whole thing.

I want to beat him this year. I feel like this year is the best chance for me to perform well at Worlds. I know chances like these don’t come around very often. The fact that I have a really good team now and a good chance to beat Uzi, I would very like to it now.

What is Fnatic’s view on the League of Legends subreddit? Do you guys think it is overrated or underrated?

Bwipo: It is overrated I think. The value that people have on opinions on Reddit is valued too highly. I believe it is a good medium, and people can voice their opinions. It is funny to see people complaining about champions or Riot’s balancing (laughs). Some topics or comments on those topics can be a little too harsh. I guess that is what you get when you have an open forum like that.

Sometimes the people who are commenting don’t have high enough IQ to be commenting. I don’t think they put everything into consideration when commenting on a team. There are a lot of things that can go right, and a lot of things that can go wrong. For example, making it to 1st place in groups is a huge deal to your outcome in the quarterfinals. This is not even something that people will consider when commenting about a World’s performance.

Because of all this, it is really hard to value their opinions. But here and there, you see a golden post. Whether it may be something funny or a nice piece of content. All in all, I think it is good.

Caps: I have seen some really nice highlight clips from my Pyke, Lucian, and Riven so…

sOAZ: Lucian...really?

Caps: Yeah.

Bwipo: Eh, it wasn’t even that good.


Caps: For the past few weeks, Reddit has been a bit underrated (laughs).

As with any team, there are good relationships. With relationships, comes nicknames. What are some of the best nicknames that you call each other?

Bwipo: I call Hyli ‘Mr.Hylichang’ (laughs).

sOAZ: We call Caps ‘Claps’ or ‘Caps’ depending on uh… (laughs) what happens in the mid lane.

For the next section of the interview, we are going to give each player a piece of paper. Each player is going to write something they want to say to another on the player’s paper and then pass it on. We’ll do this until the papers are signed by each player and staff.

Now, could each of you guys read some of the nice inspirational things your team has written for you? You guys can also try guessing who it was from!

Bwipo: Inspirational quotes, huh (laughs)? ‘Please pick tank.’

*Entire team laughs*

Bwipo: ‘Tank or bench.’

▲ "Tonk or Bench"

sOAZ: You have to guess who it was from (laughs).

Bwipo: I’m guessing that the tank or bench is from Joey?

Joey: Correct.

Entire team: OHHHHHHH.

Bwipo: I’m guessing ‘Please pick tank’ is from Rekkles?

Rekkles: Yeap.

*Entire team laughs*

Bwipo: A message from my good friend, sOAZ. ‘I know we don’t get that much appreciation as tonks, but we have to stay strong. Maybe one day we will escape prison’ (laughs). And then, ‘Good to play without fear but remember you are tonk’ (laughs). This one is from Caps.

sOAZ: ‘I’m good at Ornn. Let’s flex it’. Is this you, Rekkles?

Rekkles: What??!?!

sOAZ: Hyli??? Is this from you?

Hylissang: Yeah (laughs).

sOAZ: You’re bad at Ornn. You’re not allowed to play Ornn (laughs)...The next one is ‘You have very creatives plays with the little guy.’ I don’t know who wrote this.

Caps: I wrote it (laughs).

*Entire team laughs*

sOAZ: ‘Play some mages.’ Is this Joey?

Caps: I should have written that (laughs).

Joey: Nope.

Broxah: I wrote that.

sOAZ: Its you?!!??!...’When are we playing Zilean top?’

Joey: That was me. I know you really like Zilean.

sOAZ: ‘J4 got buffed. Poggers.’...’I learned a lot watching you play always. Despite our differences, I love what we provide for our team. I know we have better chances winning this year thanks to our 6 man roster.’ That’s it.

Hylissang: ‘I like it when you flash forward on Braum.’

*Entire team laughs*

Broxah: That’s a good start (laughs).

Hylissang: ‘I like taking vision with you. Smiley face.’

sOAZ: That’s Broxah.

Hylissang: ‘Alistar and Tahm are not front line champs.’...’Go mid.’...’Bot lane is more fun with you in it.’

Joey: Awwww.

Hylissang: This is Bwipo, right?

*Bwipo smiles*

Hylissang: ‘Mobi boots, run top, collect kills.’

Caps: I have ‘Call for help, gank please.’...’Please carry me’ and then ‘I love your energy but sometimes you gotta run it down.’

Bwipo: What (laughs)?

Caps: Does it say ‘Turn down for int?’

sOAZ: I don’t think you should say what it really says (laughs).

Caps: Oh…OH. Okay… Then I have Hylissang being super jelly by saying ‘Stop playing Pyke. Pyke is mine’ (laughs).

Broxah: Well, I’m starting mine off with ‘ME BROXAH ME SMASH’ (laughs). That is definitely from Rekkles. The memer. Both my coaches said ‘Gank mid.’ One with just ‘Gank mid’ and another with ‘Gank mid please.’

sOAZ: At least he said please.

Broxah: Bwipo says he wants a gank top in the first 5 minutes, and sOAZ says he wants a gank top after the first 5 minutes (laughs). Apparently, Caps also wants my first blue buff so…

Rekkles: I have, ‘I will always love you’ from Joey. ‘Let’s go to Brazilian BBQ’ from Dylan. ‘I miss it when you gonk my lane. Smiley face.’ That’s from sOAZ. ‘Tristana OP’ from Hyli. I agree. ‘If we int early, you have to carry late game.’ Y-yeah, that’s no problem.

*Entire team laughs*

Rekkles: ‘Be more vocal. It will make us a better team’ from Broxah.

Joey: ‘Don’t troll in duo queue please’ from Dylan. ‘I had a good year thank to you. Let’s make it a good one.’ That’s from Bwipo. ‘I want to play mid in scrims. Zilean OP.’ Maybe next Worlds? ‘Evelynn is dead. We need a new h**.’ Well that’s good to know. ‘You lift some very heavy weights. Let me be your apprentice, please.’

Dylan: I got ‘Good draft please. No tonk.’ If I had to guess, that is from one of our top laners. Oh, and then below it says ‘I agree with the top comment plus 1.’ Probably from the other top laner (laughs).

*sOAZ and Bwipo laugh*

Dylan: ‘Let me play Malzahar mid.’..’I heard Lee Sin is secretly OP.’

sOAZ: Wait...I can’t believe no one said things like ‘Please draft differently’ (laughs).

The next section of the interview Yes or No Game. This game, similar to a game show, has a player come up to the chair and turn around. A question is asked of this player to the team, and the player in the chair has to guess the number of responses (#Thumbs up/down). The answer will be out of seven (One person in the chair. 5 players and 2 coaches answering). We’ll start with Bwipo.

Bwipo’s first question is “I think and agree that Bwipo talks a lot.”


▲ Anxious Bwipo is anxious

What are your predictions, Bwipo?

Bwipo: 7 people said yes.

Please turn around.

▲ 7 thumbs up

Do you have anything to say?

Bwipo: I guess I talk a lot (laughs).

Bwipo’s second question is “Bwipo is the most friendly and flexible player on the team.”

What are your predictions?

Bwipo: I think 3 yeses or could be 0. The question is very difficult. Actually, I’ll say 3.

Please turn around.

Bwipo: Yeah. I think the most friendly is Broxah, and the most versatile would be Caps. I can see why people said no.

Rekkles: You’re not very friendly, but you’re versatile.

Bwipo: Ha..ha..ha.

sOAZ’s first question is “I think sOAZ is the most handsome player on the team.”

Caps: Ough….

*Entire team laughs*

What are your predictions here?

sOAZ: 0 (laughs).

Please turn around.

▲ Feelsbadman

sOAZ: Yeah…

Is there anything you want to say?

sOAZ: Wow. These guys are very toxic. Let’s go next…

sOAZ’s second question is “I agree that sOAZ’s Urgot is insane.”


sOAZ: 6.

Bwipo: Ohhhhhhhhh. Smurfer~ Poggers~

Please turn around.

Exactly 6.

Bwipo: Did you expect me to have this? *changes answer*

sOAZ: Yeah (laughs).

How did you know it was going to be exactly 6? Did you know Rekkles was going to say no?

sOAZ: No, I thought Bwipo or Caps would say no.

Bwipo: This is because me and Caps play Urgot.

Rekkles, why did you vote no?

sOAZ: Did I int in your solo q game as Urgot (laughs)?

Rekkles: No, you didn’t. I...just...have seen better.


Rekkles: But that goes for everyone. It is not just for sOAZ.

Caps’ first question is “I was scared and worried when Caps said ‘We have to play vayne’.”


Caps: fffffffffffff-ive?

Please turn around.

Only 3 players were worried.

Caps: Okay…*sarcastic*

*Entire team laughs*

Caps’ second question is “I prefer Caps’ Vayne over Rekkles’ Vayne.”

Bwipo: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

sOAZ: (laughs)

What are your predictions?

Caps: 7 out of 7.

*Entire team laughs*

Caps: Well… ;)

Rekkles: More than half…

Hylissang’s first question is “If Hylissang was in a bromance movie, it would be with Bwipo.”


Hylissang: 5 yes?

▲ Hylissang unsure of the outcome.

Please turn around.

Hylissang: 7? Okay…

*Entire team laughs*

Anything you want to say? Or do you want to move onto the next question?

Hylissang: I mean...I think Caps and Rekkles have a good bromance too so…

Bwipo: True.

Hylissang’s second question is “I think Hylissang is scared that Caps might pick Vayne at Worlds.”

Hylissang: I think it is going to be 7 no’s.

We only asked this question because of your reaction on stage.

Hylissang: Yeah, I understand. It was misinterpreted.

Broxah’s first question is “I wish Broxah camped my lane more.”

sOAZ: (laughs)

What are your predictions here?

Broxah: I think it is going to be 6 yes’.

Please turn around.

Rekkles: Why are the coaches even saying yes. They don’t even play the game (laughs).

*Entire team laughs*

Hylissang: They wish, you know?

Why do you think Bwipo and Rekkles said no?

Broxah: Because they like it when I camp mid. The team usually wants me to camp mid early and help out the team later. What I thought was that everyone would say yes and one of the coaches would say yes to troll. Turns out both of them said yes anyways (laughs).

Broxah’s second question is “Broxah always comes to help me when I need him the most.”


Broxah: 3 yes.

Entire team: Awwwwwww.

Your team has your back.

Broxah: Damn...I was thinking in-game wise. You know...sometimes when a player is getting camped, I would just leave them on their little island.

Rekkles’ first question is “Rekkles is the best ADC in the entire World.”

Rekkles: Oh… 7 no. For Europe, 7 yes. For the World, definitely 7 no’s.

Please turn around.

5 yes’!

Rekkles: What?!?!?!

Maybe your team is just very supportive?

Rekkles: Yeah...whatever.

sOAZ: But they didn’t lie when you asked if I was the most handsome…

*Entire team laughs*

Rekkles’ second question is “Rekkles has the most fangirls in the entire team.”

Rekkles: 7 yes’. It is easy.

▲ Fnatic believing in Rekkles.

Joey’s first question is “I believe Fnatic got to Worlds this year mostly because of Joey’s work.”


Joey: 4 yes’.

Please turn around.

*Entire team laughs*


Dylan: I think we would have made Worlds. You know what I mean though. When it comes to winning first place twice and everything else, I would say absolutely yes. But, the question wasn’t specific enough.

Rekkles: Yeah, I agree.

Joey’s second question is “Sometimes I don’t agree or get confused by Joey’s champion suggestions.”


Joey: 7 yes’.

Please turn around.

Joey: WHAT? The top laners said no?!?!?! Should have been the other way around (laughs).

*Entire team laughs*

Bwipo: It is not like we don’t know (laughs). We understand. We just don’t want to do it (laughs).

Second last question to wrap up this interview. Is there anything you guys want to particularly do after Worlds?

Rekkles: I want to get completely smashed one night. Usually after Worlds, you don’t have that many hours until you plane ride. I think I will spend those hours checking out nightclubs.

Broxah: I want to do some sightseeing. This is my third time in Korea, but I have not yet seen anything. I really want to go out for a few hours and explore cool places. I have been through lots of the food but not the places.

Are there any particular places you want to go?

Broxah: Not really sure.

Rekkles: Hongdae...at night...with me (laughs).

Broxah: (laughs).

Lastly, could you guys share your goals and expectations for Worlds?

Caps: We all want to win Worlds.

sOAZ: Apart from the obvious goal, for me, I want to go and play in the finals. It is very iconic. Everyone will be watching the ceremony of the final, and the game itself. For example, last year, they had the Elder Drake appearing. It is always really hype. Participating in the ceremony and the finals would be really really nice.

Joey: First of, I really want to win Worlds and also beat a Korean team in a best of 5. No other Western team has been able to do it. It was my dream last year, but we failed in the group stage.

sOAZ: (laughs).

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