Sights from the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Finals Weekend Day 1

The grand finals of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split has finally come to an end. Team Liquid succeeded to defend their championship crown with another 3-0 sweep over Cloud9. In the finals, there were many things to see; teams held events and activities to enjoy before the match started. There was also a friendly match which featured Tyler1, Scarra, Imaqtpie etc. Here are some sights from the scene.

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▲ Hellooo Oracle Arena!!
▲ A LOT of people were waiting to enter the stadium.
▲ As an NBA fan myself, I was so eager to be at the Oracle Arena.
▲ Ovilee: "Do you think you're the best player in NA?"
Doublelift: "Of course!"
▲ Instead of Golden Stat Warriors items, League of Legends items were sold.
▲ Team jerseys were sold in the gift shop. Wondering why there's no 100 Thieves jersey.
▲ Graphic banners were handed out by State Farm.
▲ Just a sample; the match of the day was 100T vs TSM.
▲ Nearly no seats left in the arena.
▲ People from GGS were hyping up the match before the game.
▲ They were giving away T-shirts.
▲ I wonder what they looked like; never had the chance to see them.
▲ The one and only Romain Bigeard was also there,
keeping the fans excited while the players were getting ready.
▲ They needed some pictures for themselves, too.
▲ Some Tibbers seem to be looking for their Annie.
▲ Here come the players!
▲ Ryu: (Cracking knuckles) "Bring it on!"
▲ Ssumday was following Ryu like a shadow.
▲ Bjergsen,
▲ and Zven coming in.
▲ AnDa was coming in with pr0lly.
▲ Ryu: "No coach, I don't want to play Zed."
▲ Big stage, big screens. Awesome.
▲ Well, they turned out not so free, but good to see fans having fun.
▲ Are you watching closely? Why the watermelon?
▲ As you all know, TSM won. Bjergsen was getting makeup for the interview with Ovilee.
▲ Ovilee: "Look at all these TSM fans!"
▲ Bjergsen & Mithy: "Hi! Thanks for your support!"
▲ Tyler1 was the most popular person in the arena.
Requests for pictures did not end, and he was happy to take pictures with all of them.
▲ Contractz and Matt were also here for the friendly match.
▲ After the friendly match, Imaqtpie and Tyler1 were interviewed.
▲ They put on a little skit.
▲ Tyler1: "I did not shake his hand, I do not like this guy."
▲ QT offers handshake with Ovilee's help.
▲ And a hug as well!
▲ Well, enough for the day! Let's move on to day 2!

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    "No coach, I don't want to play Zed."


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