Sights from the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Finals Weekend Day 2

(Continued from Day 1)

Moving into day 2, the finals. I had a bit more time to look around and take pictures before the game took place.

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▲ Fans were in line to take pictures with these awesome cosplayers.
▲ Even if you glare at me, I'm not scared as long as you don't jump out of a brush.
▲ There were many activities fans can enjoy.
▲ Attempting to win things straight from the 100 Thieves locker room.
▲ Taking pictures with a replica of the trophy. (I'm pretty sure it's not authentic.)
▲ Which were printed later on.
▲ Team Liquid had a booth where fans could play League.
▲ Sponsored by Alienware.
▲ And it was broadcasted on the monitor outside.
▲ The Cloud9 booth had balloons on top.
▲ It was hard to get the proper C9 because of the wind. This was the best I could get.
▲ This could happen if C9 wins Worlds!
▲ That comment cracked me up more than it should have.
▲ Cloud9 had several activities to do.
▲ I'd say this would end in a draw.
▲ Noticing the Zeyzal beard mask on the table.
▲ Making sure it doesn't tumble.
▲ Jenga!!
▲ FlyQuest was giving out cups with their logo.
▲ Hey! The Tibbers from yesterday!
▲ Plenty of people showed up early and enjoyed the activities.
▲ Including Snea...  A wonderful Pizza Delivery Sivir cosplay done by Shelby Marie.
▲ Tickets were $40. $80 for both days.
▲ They handed out this C9 poster.
▲ The finals was about to start.
▲ With the championship trophy
▲ shining bright.
▲ And the players entered the stage.
▲ Defending champions Team Liquid,
▲ taking on Cloud9.
▲ Romain was here again. I was thinking his outfit was Brand.
▲ Before they were introduced, they did the Ginyu Force pose. (From LoLesports)
▲ Yes, Doublelift did raise one leg.
▲ For those of you who hadn't noticed, the pigeon was here again.
▲ There she is again up front.
▲ Team Liquid wins the championship!
▲ Doublelift was the first to lift the trophy.
▲ I know it isn't the best pic, but at least all five players are there.
▲ Impact was looking the wrong way while he kissed the trophy.
▲ While Team Liquid was celebrating,
▲ Cloud9 was quietly leaving the stage.
▲ The players were also curious of how they played.
▲ Impact was cradling the trophy like a baby.
▲ Doublelift's face was priceless here.
▲ Close-ups are necessary for pics like this.
▲ There was a press conference after the match.
▲ The players were happy, and Impact was surprised when he was named for a question.
▲ Doublelift: "Let's go Clutch!"
▲ The other side of the Oracle Arena. Sometime, I'll be here for basketball as well.

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