[Interview] SSG Edgar: "The only weakness-like problem that SKT has is that: they rely too much on Faker."

The 3 years of consecutive final matches between Korean teams have been accomplished as Samsung Galaxy advanced to the finals.


In the Shanghai Oriental Stadium (29th) of the League of legends World Championship 2017 semi finals, Korea’s Samsung Galaxy won against China’s Team WE. Starting from a rough start with a loss in the first game, SSG came back with 3 consecutive wins to qualify to the finals. This results in another finals match against SKT and a 2nd consecutive run in the finals. For the 6 years Korean teams have participated at Worlds, this is a record breaking stunt.


Below is the interview with Samsung Galaxy!

▲ Samsung Galaxy (Left to Right): CoreJJ, Ruler, Crown, Ambition, CuVee, Haru, and Edgar.

¤ (To Crown) There are many evaluations that this year’s SKT is the weakest they have ever been. How do you feel about this? Also, we are curious on what you think about facing Faker again?


Crown: Looking back at SKT’s performances, I agree this year is the weakest they have ever been. However, SKT is still a formidable team and it will not be an easy match. Also, I’m not putting too much emphasis in meeting Faker again. I just think it will be a fun match.



¤ (To Ambition) SSG barely made it in the quarterfinals from finishing 2nd seed in groups. What aspects of the team improved a lot since the journey to the finals?


Ambition: Instead of thinking of our skill in being able to make it to the finals again, I think we prepared extremely well and we felt how important it really is to prepare to our fullest.


¤ (To Head Coach Edgar) From the play-in stage, Samsung has seemed to change at every stage. For example in today’s games, SSG seemed to focus heavily on lanes. What were some of the changes to team play styles?


Edgar: Although our results in groups were not that good, we got to figure out what our players were bat at. From the quarterfinals, we decided to engage more aggressively. In order to beat teams that are better than us, this was the only solution. The difference between now and the group stage is that we don’t try to avoid fights anymore.


¤ (To CuVee) You pick Gnar a lot. Gnar is known not to be that good in this meta right now. Why did you pick Gnar today and what are your thoughts on Gnar?


CuVee: There are a lot of reasons why you would pick a certain champion. I picked Gnar because it is a champion I am confident at, and my team also needed the pick. Gnar’s rating differs from player to player, but I personally think he is really good.


¤ (To Head Coach Edgar) SSG lost the first game to Team WE rather easily. Going into the 2nd game, what kind of feedback did you give to the team?


Edgar: To be honest, we fell behind on the picks/bans. The opponent prepared extremely well and we made some mistakes in the early game. However, I knew we just had to focus on the next game and do well. We tried to lessen the variables as much as possible. Today’s bot duo had really good condition, so I decided to focus our game plan around bot.


¤ (To Ruler and CoreJJ) How do you rate SKT botlane's performance at the moment? What are your predictions for the outcome of the botlane matchup during the Finals?


CoreJJ: I know there are a lot of fans in Korea who are worried about SKT because of the botlane. But they still have 1 week left to improve - which is a lot of time - and SKT proved time and time again that they're truly a top-class team. We'll need to prepare well.


Ruler: The botlane matchup will heavily depend on the playing conditions of the players on that day. How the teamfights will play out will also be a major factor.

¤ (To Ruler) During a previous interview, you mentioned that Varus is a lackluster pick. Why did you play him today?


Ruler: It's hard to tell, but... I think I played him well because I'm in a good playing condition. Like I said before: Varus is good in situations where the enemy is forced to engage. That's why he was so effective today.


¤ (To Ambition) You and Faker go way back. You guys have been playing against each other even before Faker's debut. Is there anything you would like to tell Faker?


Ambition: This applies to all players. Most who have faced Faker, has lost. The scale of competition is increasing by the year, and even if the results are bad during an ongoing season, the last person to snag a win, is the victor.


If I'm able to beat SKT during the Finals, I'll be forever remembered as the player that defeated SKT and Faker.

¤ (To Head Coach Edgar) As a part of the SSG coaching staff, what are the speculated weaknesses of SKT?


Edgar: SKT T1 is the superior team. Being entirely honest with you, I don't see a weakness. A lot of fans are pointing fingers at SKT's botlane, saying "they're the weakness," but I fear their performances are now back up to par.


The only weakness-like problem that SKT has is that: they rely too much on Faker. If we take advantage of this - correctly - we might have a "chance" to defeat them.


¤ (To Crown) During an interview after your quarterfinals match, you commented that you'll play as if this Worlds will be your "final Worlds" and won't make any regrettable decisions. You will, again, play against SKT in the Finals. What kind of a mindset will you prepare for the match?


Crown: Last year was my first ever Finals at Worlds. On top of it all, I was playing against Faker, so I was extremely nervous. This year, my only goal is to win the whole thing, and I want to enjoy the series without leaving behind any regrets. That's all I want.

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    level 1 Monkeyanswers


    The opening line in this article is wrong. Samsung has made it to the finals 3 out of 4 years. SKT beat KOO in 2015.

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      level 1 Its


      We confirmed that the expression is not correct. And fixed it. Thank you.

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