NV Apollo on improving teamplay: “I want to teach other players to speak up and communicate during the game”

Recorded and edited by Jerry Coria

What is Apollo thinking as regular play comes to a close? What does the past split mean to him? He was gracious enough to let us capture him on camera.

Apollo used to signify the gold standard of AD Carry in NA, thanks to the necessary virtues of excellent mechanics and risk management.

This split was no exception. With much-improved support Hakuho, Apollo proved to the masses that Envy’s bot duo was nothing to be trifled with. That said, it wasn’t enough. The consistent lack of aggressiveness and decisiveness often gave their enemies a second chance, while overextensions cost them the game.

For Envy’s AD Carry, this split is both a missed opportunity and a chance to reignite his will to fight. Though the team’s performance in the summer was a mixed bag, they are ready to turn it around at a moment’s notice by narrowly making playoffs with 6th place finish. Then on August 21st, Envy is set to go up against CLG in a Bo5 series with semifinals advancement on the line.

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    level 1 Daisy_Roberts

    I think NV needs to step up the fight to have a better name ;/ I can't wait for boston!!

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