This year’s BlizzCon marks its ten-year anniversary, and fans were already gathered at the Anaheim Convention Center to enjoy the night-before festival. A certain group of attendees stood out from the crowd: the ones holding commemorative BlizzCon Goody Box. Those who had preordered the bag online were able to pick theirs up at the BlizzCon store prior to the event.

As was the case with last year’s Goody Box, this year’s features a wide range of delightful Blizzard loots from a commemorative stein to an inflatable Reinhardt hammer.

Here are the contents of the box!

▲ Everyone had one of these in their hands.
▲ I didn't want to feel left out, so...
▲ Here's this year's Goody Bag.
▲ Let's dive right in.
▲ Hard to believe it's already been ten years.
▲ 10-year anniversary Commemorative Stein
▲ How practical.
▲ This guy must be the main course.
▲ Wow-themed coaster
▲ I'm not sure I approve.
▲ Diablo gaming dice set
▲ Adorable baby overlord antenna topper
▲ ETC's guitar pick key chain
▲ Hearthstone cleaning cloth
▲ I wonder what this is.
▲ With the help of a human air pump...
▲ You can finally fight that pesky psi blade from last year.
▲ That's all the goodies except for in-game items.
▲ We'll be back with more photos from BlizzCon tomorrow. See you there!

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