SKT T1 penalized for Bang's controversial comment made on stream

LCK Operations Committee have penalized SK Telecom T1 with a 'Caution' for Junsik "Bang" Bae's comment made on stream.

Citing Clause 9.2 of LCK Ruleset regarding 'Unprofessional Conduct', Operations Committee will be giving SKT T1 the penalty of 'Caution'. A Caution does not have an effect on its own, but it will cause the team to lose a set score in the leaderboard with two Cautions resulting in a 'Warning'.

The comment in question goes back to last February, when Bang retorted to a comment made on chat that told me to work harder on streams. He said, "My salary would be higher than a hundred people like you put together. You should speak for yourself and work harder."

The controversy that surrounded Bang's comment prompted Bang to apologize on air in July, but it did not stop LCK Operations Committee from "discussing whether there's a possibility of taking additional course of action", eventually resulting in the penalty for the team.

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    level 1 WarWasDeclared

    What kind of bad joke is this??

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    level 1 WarWasDeclared


    What kind of bad joke is this??

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      level 1 MrKat


      the joke is called "LCK Operations Committee"

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