SKT Bang in controversy over his past comment made on stream

Junsik "Bang", SKT T1's AD Carry, became the topic of a heated discussion in Korean LoL community due to a comment that he made on his stream.

While the controversy has emerged recently, the clip that shows the comment in question was actually taken back in February. The clip starts with Bang 'kicking out' the person who provoked him from his Twitch chat.

"Hey Junsik, Faker just got one million Korean won as donation. Work harder!" The banned person said.

Then, Bang followed up with the controversial comment: "My salary would be higher than a hundred people like you put together. You should speak for yourself and work harder."

Fans were torn in two. On one side, fans blamed the person who provoked Bang despite prior warnings; on the other side, fans blamed Bang for being condescending to the fans who were watching the stream.

As the debate continued, Bang posted an apology with an explanation for his comment on his Twitter account. He explained how the clip doesn't show how he asked Twitch chat several times to refrain from insulting players and comparing players to each other.

"I am not a patient person - I'm rather straightforward. So, I may have wronged many people without realizing it. I'd like to apologize to those that I have offended this way, and I'll try to be more mature from now on."

However, even after Bang's apology, the debate raged on.

In fact, ever since the region's defeat in the Rift Rivals, Korean League community has been in turmoil. With LCK caster Hyunwoo "CloudTemplar" Lee in a similar controversy from his comment that he made on stream, Korean fans are asking esports personnel to be more careful when making comments. At the same time, fans are also asking each other to be more civil and refrain from flaming SKT T1 players, which became more prevalent after the team's defeat in the Rift Rivals and against SSG in LCK. It is anyone's guess when this drama will conclude.

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