SKT Bang apologizes on air for his controversial comment

On July 26th (KST), SK Telecom T1 defeated Ever8 Winners 2-0 on the 37th day of 2017 LCK Summer Split. Junsik "Bang" Bae and Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee were chosen as the MVP of Game 1 and 2 respectively and was interviewed on air by OGN.

In the interview, Bang shared how he has never felt this strange about winning ever before, but was relieved that the team is finally getting better after going through difficult times. (For reference, SKT T1 was on a 9-game losing streak ever since their defeat in the finals of Rift Rivals.)

After their win against Ever8 Winners, Junsik "Bang" Bae concluded the OGN interview with an apology for a comment that he made on his stream.

He said, "I recently said something very wrong that hurt many people. It was something that I shouldn't have said as a professional League player... it made a lot of people disappointed in me. I'm ashamed that I didn't know this earlier, and I'm really reflecting upon myself for what I've done wrong and I'll continue to do that for a long time. Since I'm a pro player, I'll try to repay my fans with better performance and make amends for what I've done. I'm very sorry."

While SKT T1 managed to break their losing streak, they are still in the middle of the pack in the LCK standings, and they will have to face KT Rolster - currently running strong at second place - near the end of the split. With Wildcard match of Playoffs at stake, SKT T1's final result of this split still remains to be seen.

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