BDO KR Patch Notes Aug 3rd: Skill reworks and New Accessories added



New Event: Enjoy BDO with the Karstein Costume!
 - From Aug 4th to Aug 24th
 - 2nd Anniversary Attendance Rewards include Karlstein Costume Set and Shakatu’s Seal.

New Event: Come to the Terrmian Water Park!
 - From Aug 3rd to Aug 17th
 - Enjoy the newly-added minigames and quests in the Terrmian Water Park.

Terrmian Water Park will be available until the maintenance on Aug 31st.


For more exciting gameplay, all characters will now have the following skills immediately after the character is created.

Required levels for the following skills have been adjusted.

Awakening weapons will not show anymore when you interact with your horse while holding an Awakening weapon.

Fixed a bug where some characters’ customization disappeared.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to save the changes made in the hair customization page.

The motion where the Maehwa and Mystic climb up a ladder has been improved to look more natural.

Fixed a bug where the shoes disappeared when a character wearing Queen Heart Underwear switched to underwear mode. (Sorceress and Valkyrie)


Fixed a bug where you could not use Evasion with Shift + W/A/S/D while in Awakening mode.

The graphics for the shoes part of Queen Heart Underwear have been improved.

Fixed a bug where the strap of Queen Heart Underwear did not show when wearing the Queen Heart Underwear and Epheria Marine Costume together.


The description for Dark Flame has been edited.
 - Damage is reduced in PvP -> Damage is reduced in PvP (not applicable for additional hits


Fixed an issue where you could not switch to combat mode by pressing C while sprinting in non-combat Awakening mode.


The graphics for the neck part of the Crown Eagle Costume have been improved to appear more natural.

[Striker and Mystic]

You can now sprint immediately after using Flash Step.


Fixed a bug that prevented you from using Awakening skills after using Spiral Cannon with quickslot in non-Awakening mode.

When you lock the key commands for Flash Step and Silent Step, Flash Step and Silent Step used with Martial Spirit Shards will also be locked.


You can now use Triple Flying Kick, [Shift + RMB] Skill, [Shift + LMB] Skill, and Wolf’s Flowing Cloud (replaces Wolf’s Hunger) more smoothly after Flash Step and Silent Step.

The description for Rage Hammer has been edited to match the actual skill.

The area of effect for Flow: Tornado Kick has increased.

Flow: Tornado Kick will be activated faster.

The area of effect for Fist of True Strength has increased and the graphical effects have been adjusted to match the actual area of effect.

You can now use Flow: Heaven by pressing S+F or W+F after Septuple Kick when Flying Kick or Sweeping Kick is on cooldown.

You can now use Sweeping Kick and Wolf’s Flowing Cloud after [Shift+RMB] and [Shift+LMB] skills.

The icon for Cho-Ho-Jang (Shift + RMB skill) has changed.

The “Hide Awakening weapon” button will not appear in the dye menu.

Fixed an issue where the footstep sounds when auto-pathing and manually walking were different.

Skill physics while wearing the Venecil Dress have been improved to look more natural.


You can gain Mysterious Spirit Powder by grinding Spirit Stones.
 - Mysterious Spirit Powder is used to repair Alchemy Stones, and it will repair the same amount of durability that Blood items do.

New Ship Equipment for the Epheria Convoy have been added.
 - The items can be purchased from Wharf Managers.

New item effects have been added to the Beginner’s Serendian Soldier Costume. (Movement speed level +2)

When you open a Crafted Costume Box with a Striker or Mystic, you will get the costume for the character you opened the Box with.

New Craftable Costumes for the Mystic have been added.

The description for the set bonus for Griffon’s Helmet has been edited to include Urgon’s Shoes.

New Accessories, Asula’s Red Eyes, have been added.
 - Asula’s Red Eyes Accessories can be looted in the Abandoned Iron Mine, Helms Post, and Elric Shrine. The Accessories cannot be enhanced or sold in the Marketplace.
 - Three pieces of Asula’s Red Eyes Accessory set will give you +300 Max HP.
 - Five pieces of Asula’s Red Eyes Accessory set will give you +20 Accuracy.

New lootable item, Manshaum Shamanic Doll, has been added in Kamasylvia region.
 - Manshaum Shamanic Dolls can be looted from the monsters at Navarn Steppe, Manshaum Forest, Mirumok Ruins, Polly Forest, Ring Tree Forest, and Tooth Fairy’s Forest.

New item, Manshaum Narc’s Stone, has been added.
 - You can obtain Manshaum Narc’s Stone by combining five Manshaum Shamanic Dolls.
 - You can summon the boss monster Narc Brishka by using Manshaum Narc’s Stone. (You must be level 56 or above, and must not be in a party to summon Narc.)
 - You will receive [Single] Sealing Stone for Narc’s Incantation quest upon summoning Narc.
 - You will receive combat experience, skill experience, and a Narc Incantation Reward Bundle by completing the above quest.
 - The experience you gain from the above quest will not be affected by any exp boost buffs.
 - There is a chance to obtain Narc’s Earring from the Reward Bundle.


Rift of the Barbarian has been officially added.
 - Rift of the Barbarian is a tower defense wave game where you fight against 25 waves of monsters. If you are level 56 or above, you can enter the game through the main menu.
 - You can enter Rift of the Barbarian in server numbers 2 and 3, except for the Olvia, Patrigio, and Arsha server.
 - A maximum of 10 players can play together at once, and the game will start automatically when 8 or more players enter the game.
 - When less than 10 players are in a Unit, the Unit leader can click the Rift of the Barbarian button in the main menu and all Unit members will enter the game together.
 - After the 3rd stage, no additional players can enter the game, even if there are less than 10 players in total.
 - The game is over when all players are dead or the Tower is destroyed.
 - The number of monsters that appear in Rift of the Barbarian has decreased, and the HP for the boss monsters has decreased.
 - You can gain Mutant Enhancer when you kill Bheg or Titium in Rift of the Barbarian.
 - The rewards have changed, and you will gain some combat exp after stage 10. (You will not be able to receive the rewards if you do not have any empty slots in your inventory or if you hit the weight limit.)
 - Boss monsters will be stunned by 30% chance when hit by [Barbarian] Lynch Cannon.
 - You can upgrade [Barbarian] Barricade with [Barbarian] Iron Ingots.
 - The upgraded Barricades are about 2x stronger than the regular Barricades.

When you choose to enter Rift of Barbarian in another server, you will be switching to the chosen server first and then enter the game.
 - You cannot enter the game you chose when the game becomes full while you are switching your server.
 - You cannot enter the game in another server if you are still on server change cooldown.
 - If you are in a Unit, only the Unit leader will be able to switch servers and enter the game.

The maximum range for the cannons on [Guild] Galley, Epheria Sailboat, and Epheria Convoy has increased.

When installing buildings for Conquest/Node Wars, the installable area will not show when the buildings cannot be installed.


Recommended AP for the following grind spots has been set.
 - The monsters’ HP and the exp you gain by killing them have increased.
 - Abandoned Iron Mine: recommended AP 70 to 90
 - Manes Hideout: recommended AP 80 to 100
 - Wandering Rogue’s Den: recommended AP 80 to 100
 - Helms Post: recommended AP 90 to 110
 - Elric Shrine: recommended AP 95 to 150
 - There will not be any big difference in grinding efficiency even when the character’s AP is higher than the recommended AP.

[Quest and Knowledge]

Fixed a bug where the potato wagon in Dernyl Farm disappeared.

If you already have Light of Kamasylvia before receiving the “Contact in Spring of the Truth” quest, you can proceed to the “Light of Healing” quest right away.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from talking to the NPCs associated with Kamasylvia Part 2, after completing the Kamasylvia questline that begins with the “A Visitor from Florin” quest.

The Footprint of the Wind buff has been added as a reward for the following main quests.
 - Steel Imp Defense Tower
 - Uno and the Giant Imp

Fixed a bug that prevented you from completing [Exchange] Better Weapon (Mystic).

The typing errors in the [Mystic] Black Stone Extraction quest have been fixed.

Lapis Lazuli Margos has been removed from the Kamasylvia Ecology - Forest (Kamasylvia) Knowledge category.

Images for some NPC Knowledge have changed.


The Storage Manager and Guild Stable Keeper at Sand Grain Bazaar have been relocated.

Fixed an issue where the age restriction notice did not show up when the game starts.

Fixed a bug where you could not see the candlelight on candle stands inside your house.

Fixed a bug where some objects in the Kuit Islands were in the air.

Certain areas in the Margoria Ocean have changed to Bell’s Territory.
 - Prepare yourselves for the new Ocean Monster, Bell.


Fixed an issue where the “trash bin” icon was still glowing even after you remove the mouse cursor from the trash bin or hide the cursor.

On the World Map, recommended AP will be displayed instead of recommended level for Abandoned Iron Mine, Manes Hideout, Wandering Rogue Den, Elric Shrine, and Helms Post.

Fixed a bug where guild history could not be refreshed.

Fixed a bug where the “Unit invitation refused” window had “party” written on it instead of Unit.

An icon that will show you an explanation of PK will appear when you are killed by another player


When you are using voice chat, the voice chat will be ON/OFF according to the volume.
 - An OFF icon will appear when the volume is 0%.
 - An ON icon will appear when the volume is above 0%.

In Customization, a maximum of 50 edits will be saved in the Edit History.

[Details on the new updates]

New Costume for the Striker:

New Turtle Pets:

New Accessories, Asula's Red Eyes: 

Plans regarding the 2nd Awakening and class balances:


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